How To: Batch uninstall apps in Windows Phone 8.1

It happens to all of us. Browsing through the latest apps and games in the Store and going on crazy semi-random install sprees. Then, after a couple of weeks you’re wondering why your free storage space is nearing its end. This is the time when to get honest with yourself and admit you have tons of apps that never made it past their first use and get rid of them.

The Storage Sense app in WP 8.1 shows you exactly how your storage space is being used. It’s also the place where you can uninstall multiple apps at once, which is perfect for a phone cleaning routine. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Navigate to your Storage Sense app, in the apps list and open it (or from the Start Screen if you have it pinned there).

Windows Phone apps list_

2. Tap on phone.

Storage Sense app_

3. Now you see all data stored on your phone organized into categories. For this particular task, tap on apps+games.

Storage Sense phone_

4. In the bottom bar tap on Select. This will enable checkboxes for all of the apps on the list.

Storage Sense apps+games select option_

5. Select the apps you want to uninstall and then tap the Uninstall option.

Storage Sense apps+games selection_

6. A confirmation message will be displayed. Click on Yes to proceed with the uninstall.

Storage Sense uninstall apps_

If you have any apps installed on your SD card you can use Storage Sense to uninstall them too. Just select SD card instead of phone at step 2.

You can do more with Storage Sense than just uninstall apps. From here you can also clear temporary files, manage your maps as well as move apps and file between your phone and SD card and other storage management actions.

Do you use Storage Sense to batch uninstall apps and what else are you using it for? Let us know in the comments section!

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