BatteryGuru: An advanced battery management app for Windows Phone

    Windows Phone’s Battery Saver can definitely help anyone improve their phone’s battery life, but it doesn’t offer much when it comes to usage statistics. For that, you’re going to need an app such as BatteryGuru. The name practically says it all – it shows you exactly how your battery is being used and how long it’s going to last. The predictions are incredibly accurate, as the app records data every minute, unlike most similar apps that do it every 30 minutes.

    BatteryGuru - General

    Battery usage statistics

    The General pane offers a lot of information – you can see your phone’s discharge rate, when it will power off, how much time has passed since last charge and connectivity shortcuts so you can easily disable the related functions from within the app.

    In the Detailed section, the app offers comprehensive logs, that show you exactly what services were running at that time. The logs can be sorted by minutely and hourly, although this feature is enabled only if you buy the pro version ($1.99).

    BatteryGuru - Graphs

    Graphs and service usage

    If you enjoy visually presented statistics, the Graphs section displays information as battery usage graphs for the past hour, day, week but also for the last charge or 100% charge. In the Usage pane you can see usage data for your services such as WiFi, mobile data, Internet and Roaming access and Airplane mode. You can see these statistics for all time, last charge and last 100% charge.

    BatteryGuru - Notifications settings

     Settings and customization

    The first thing you can configure in the Settings menu is BatteryGuru’s notifications. You can set the app to notify you when your battery gets under a threshold, but also when your battery is full – this one I definitely find useful because I always forget my phone plugged in and I suspect many other people do the same.

    Concerning visual customization the app comes with various Live Tile layouts (called Faces). Only the default one is available in the free version of BatteryGuru. The rest you can use only if you pay for the Pro version of the app.

    From the Settings menu you can also add BatteryGuru to the Lock screen along with the option to reset logging data and detailed instruction if the app has stopped updating.

    Everyone that wants to have a detailed overview of their phone’s battery usage is in need of an app like BatteryGuru, which perfectly complements WP’s Battery Saver. Using these two apps combined you get all of the settings and information one would need to make the best out of their phone’s battery.

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