Beautiful Artsy, Low Poly and Pixel Live Wallpaper Apps You Should Try

If you’re looking to spice up your home screen, we got you covered. Below is a selection of live wallpaper apps for Android we think are worth a look. Some belong to the popular pixel style, some are artsy, others are functional. You won’t find the classic suggestions like Muzei on this list, so if you are looking for something new or good old classy, we dug deeper than the first page of search results, and tried all of the apps we suggest below. Without any further ado, here come the live wallpapers for Android.

Cubetronix LWP iconCubetronix LWP

Developer: Gauli
Price: $2.99
Download it from Google Play

Cubetronix live wallpaper is a selection of bouncing and floating abstract art style figures in fading and pulsating minimalist environment. The first thing that struck me when I saw it is how Monument Valley-ish it is, check this out. The app has extensive customization options – no wonder, it’s premium. You can have the app adjust the color scheme of the environment, so that it would elegantly fade from one palette to another, from the darkest shade to the lightest. Or, alternatively, you can set your preferred palette and have it on at all times. You can also choose the light intensity. As for the foreground, there are 13 minimalist, yet awesome items – cubes of all sorts, like houses, like cube of Rubik style, or triangles pyramid style, very Monument Valley resembling. You can choose for them to appear in small, normal or zoomed in sizes. The end result is pretty neat – floating and bouncing structures of seemingly impossible architecture, or pure abstract wonder. Totally worth the asking price. The only thing that needs addressing is the stability of the app – it crashed a few times during my tests.

Cave Art Live WallpaperCave Art Live Wallpaper

Developer: Jan Laš
Price: free
Download it from Google Play

It’s not new, but seriously under-discovered, and definitely beautiful. Cave art, anyone? I could not pass it by, not after the magic of an old movie The English Patient struck me. Cave Art is an amazing collection of images of cave art from all around the world, spiced with an awesome effect of a dark cave closing in on a dim flash light slowly dancing along the cave walls, illuminating the whole image bit by bit. I love its dark ambiance and mysterious feel, and most of all I love how classy it makes your home screen look. It’s definitely different from the over-used paintings by Van Gog, or the cosmic images of the universe, or flowers and animals. Cave Art is chic. Some images are free, some are available via the in-app purchase. You can set the image manually, or have them rotate randomly. It’s crisp, beautiful, magical and subtle, but also realistic. I can’t recommend it more.

Cave Story OuterCave Story Outer Wall-paper

Developer: Kevin B. Chen
Price: free
Download from Google Play

This app is somewhat oldish, but relevant nonetheless for the love of the good old retro pixel style remains relevant for good. The developer loved Cave Story video game by Pixel so much he made a live wallpaper based on its scene The Outer Wall. Dark night skies, and clouds float slowly as magical creature carries a little pixel hero on his back, soaring in the sky. There is a neat parallax effect when you scroll. You can make use of some customization options, such as add foggy clouds, change a character, adjust wallpaper scaling and wallpaper FPS to minimize the effect on the battery.

pixelscapesPixelscapes Wallpaper

Developer: Bret Hudson
Price: $0.99
Download from Google Play

Pure magic and a work of pixel art, Pixelscapes is by far one of my favorites on the list. A collection of three scenes, this live wallpaper turns your home screen into a breathing world of pixel video games. A cozy house on a hill above a lake, with lights on, and a dark starry sky looks so inviting and mysterious, while ocean blue with a whale and fish is the perfect shade of blue with a few stripes of sun rays crossing the depths of the water. A boat, a sea, and a windmill in the middle of the pixel wonderland looks amazing, and you can adjust the speed of the movement. It’s beautiful and costs $1. Totally recommend.

PxWallpaper FreePxWallpaper Free

Developer: Arthur Glyzin
Price: Free
Download from Google Play

A fresh release, and totally in line with the above-mentioned Cave Story or Pixelscapes, PxWallpaper appeals to the fans of subtle colors and pixel art. The purple night and the moon above the mountains look awesome, especially on a larger screen. There are several scenes, like a forest, an urban area, a valley, or city skyscrapers. You can adjust the size, the speed and even direction of movement. It’s neat and free – try it.

PxWallpaper Free 1

Pixel Cityscape Live WallpaperPixel Cityscape Live Wallpaper

Developer: Stevey Jones
Price: free
Download from Google Play

Wrapping up with the pixel art on the list is Pixel Cityscape for the fans of the Material Design. You would think material design and pixel art are incompatible, but this app shows just how well the two match. A collection of cityscapes in bold colors looks fantastic – night city, midday city, orange sky city – perhaps it’s windy there? There are cars moving along the street, clouds, moon, airplane, and a balloon – this live wallpaper has built-in day and night cycle, with awesome sunset and sunrise styles, so it changes along with your environment. It’s special.

Device info lwpDevice Info Live WallPaper

Developer: kurousa
Download from Google Play

Device Info Live Wallpaper is a neat and functional live wallpaper that pulls your system stats and displays them live on your home screen. Battery percentage, date and time, CPU usage with history, RAM usage, battery temperature and voltage, internal memory usage, external memory usage. Tilt, compass, network connection state, WiFi settings, CPU specs, basic information about your device and platform – it’s all there on your home screen, with a glowing blue background. You can adjust the color of the background to red, green, pink, orange, sepia or monochrome. You can change the text color, animation speed, clock format, reverse day and month, add or remove the information displayed, or move it about the screen to choose its placement. It also has blank pages for your widgets or app icons, and a few other nifty customization details. It does not seem to be power-hungry, yet it definitely is one of the most informative live wallpapers out there. And it’s free.

Pixel Road Wallpaper FREEPixel Road Wallpaper FREE

Developer: Fat Pixel Games
Price: free
Download from Google Play

Pixel Road is a pixel-art style live wallpaper with a beautiful set of cities. Night time Paris with a Tour Eiffel looks dazzling while Godzilla in Tokyo looks quite impressive. You can adjust time of the day or let the app do it automatically based on your time, you can have the app pull the weather info from your weather app and display the weather conditions on your live wallpaper, or simply choose the effect you like best. You can add or remove moving cars, choose between 15 characters, adjust image quality for better battery life, and more. It’s pretty impressive. Try it.

Fox Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper 1Fox Cartoon Art Live Wallpaper

Developer: Sava Studio
Price: free
Download from Google Play

This one is fun and artsy. Totally hand-drawn, this app features a sleeping fox in the middle of a siesta, resting on the doorsteps of its house. Tap the fox and it will open one eye to see who’s trying to bother it. There is also a bee, the fox’s friend. Tap it and it will fly. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the wallpaper makes your screen look like a living painting – beautiful, colorful and stylish. It’s lovable and fun, moderately interactive. You can enable or disable scroll, choose animation quality or disable animation altogether. You can also buy a special edition which offers a night mode, with gradual dusk and down you can adjust manually. The dark mode has the stars and the moon, and the bee falls asleep on a flower. Touch it and it won’t be too happy to be bothered and will make your device vibrate. Don’t wake the sleeping bee, right?

ForestForest Live Wallpaper

Developer: Kaka
Download from Google Play

Forest Live Wallpaper is a minimalist low-poly depiction of a forest. That’s it. Just one low-poly forest, which is basically a bunch of triangles in a middle of a valley, with a mountain in the background. But boy do they make it look magical, with the different color palettes, weather conditions and slight movement of the tree tops as the wind blows? It’s perfectly in line with Google’s Material Design, only with more pleasant and subtle colors that are easier on the eyes. It has the night scenes for the fans of the dark settings, and looks awesome on large and small screens. It’s unique and can be a representation how minimalist things are awesome because they’ve got the talent in them. The realism is achieved via 3D parallax effect and multisampling. The app has day and night time cycle, animated trees, weather, customizable colors, stars, simulated scrolling and a magical atmosphere. One of the best.

low poly dogLow Poly Dog Live Wallpaper

Developer: Quentin Country Design
Download from Google Play

While we are talking about low poly art, Low Poly Dog is the one to check out if you like the style in graphic art and dogs. It’s a totally adorable live wallpaper that puts a playful and friendly dog on your home screen. It jumps, and licks your screen, and asks you to play with it, and performs some circus tricks. The end of the scene is just a killer – a happy dog rolling on the ground, placing its front paws on its nose in a perfectly content finale. It’s positive, child-friendly, and beautiful. It’s free and fun, one of the most cheerful live wallpapers out there.

live pixels freeLive Pixels Free

Developer: inHause Games
Download from Google Play

The last one might be three years old, but it runs on most devices, big or small screen, oldish and Marshmallow devices, and since the art is pixel, it has not lost a bit of its relevance. Despite its minimalist looks, Live Pixels have a surprisingly large arsenal of scenes and effects. Its City at Night is by far the best night city in pixels I’ve seen while the Water Dynamics as drops falling into the water is something I could watch for hours – it’s so relaxing and realistic. There are 12 scenes in total, with 5 available for free. The scenes are 3D, diverse and imaginative. It’s imaginative and unique despite its simplicity, and I enjoyed a lot its playfulness and smooth performance. You can also set your custom text. A classy pixel live wallpaper, Live Pixels are anything but boring. Highly recommended.

If you have more suggestions to add to this list, share them in the comments below. If you would like to check out our list of top wallpaper apps for Android, head over here. Alternatively, check out Android N’s first wallpaper. While we’re at it, check out this coverage of Google’s live Meter wallpaper.

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