Best 3D Touch gestures in Music app

3D Touch makes it easier to use any app that supports it, and the stock Music app received its own set of gestures and shortcuts starting with iOS 9. 3D Touch gestures in Music app allow you to Peek and Pop, as well as perform various quick actions from the home screen.

For example, 3D Touch lets you quickly search through your music, access Beats 1 radio, preview your playlists and albums, plus Apple Music subscribers can add For You playlists.

Essential 3D Touch gestures in Music app

3D Touch gestures in Music app will make it easier to browse and get things done with just a few taps so here are the best ones you should know about.

Find music from the Home screen

3D Touch gestures in Music app


Long press the Music icon on your home screen and select the ‘Search’ option if you want to find a certain song in your own library or the ‘Play Beats 1’ option to listen to the radio. The latter option will launch the Music app and start playing the Beats 1 radio station without changing the current screen.

3D Touch gestures in Music app

Once you’ve listened to some music, the app’s 3D Touch shortcut menu will show the last track you played which can be a song from your own collection, a tune you listened on Beats 1, from a recommended playlist or from Music’s radio channels. If you select it, you’ll jump to the Music app’s Now playing screen.

Preview playlists and albums

3D Touch gestures in Music app

3D Touch Peek and Pop lets you quickly preview the contents of playlists and albums in My Music, New and For You. Simply pressure-touch a playlist or album and its preview will pop up. Apply a bit more pressure and the content will open in full screen.

Nevertheless, you can also swipe up while peeking at content to access more options, specifically Add to My Music, Shuffle, and Play.

Add new items to For You playlists

You receive songs, albums and playlists recommendations from the Music app, based on what you’ve listened in the past, songs you liked and favorite artists. Any of the recommended items can be added in the For You section and you can quickly do this thanks to 3D Touch.

3D Touch gestures in Music app

Pressure-tap the playlist, swipe up to display the hidden options and select Add to My Music. Without 3D Touch, you’d have to tap and hold the playlist then select the Add option. Added playlists are stored in your music library and will receive automated updates when modifications are performed.

Preview upcoming shows and anchors in Beats 1

The Music app’s radio tab doesn’t support the peek and pop gestures but Beats 1 does. You can preview contents of upcoming and featured shows headings and DJs displayed under the Beats 1 Anchors heading.

3D Touch gestures in Music app

You can preview a show or an anchor using pressure touch, and press a bit harder to open it in full screen.

Preview posts in Connect

3D Touch gestures in Music app

Apple Music Connect is used by numerous artists to keep their audience up to date on future concerts, album releases and so on. 3D Touch lets you peek at Connect posts, and you can also pop them in full screen if you’d like. The full-screen view lets you make comments and read those made by others, like the post, share it via social channels and other actions.

Even Connect posts which are embedded in other sections of the app can be previewed. For example, if you select a Beats 1 radio show and select the Connect option, you’ll be able to preview any post from the artist’s Connect feed, as well as pop it in full screen.

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