Best cryptocurrency widgets for webmasters

Widgets are simple stand-alone apps that can be embedded into websites and offer additional custom content from third-parties. They can be placed in any section of the website such as sidebars, headers and even inside posts if needed.

As a webmaster, you can use widgets to deliver specific content and information to your readers so they are a great tool to make your website more useful!

Best cryptocurrency widgets for webmasters

If you manage a crypto-related website, you’re in luck. Today we’re going to discuss some of the best cryptocurrency widgets for webmasters.

Bitcoin Cash Money Button

Best cryptocurrency widgets for webmasters

The Bitcoin Cash Money Button is an easy to install widget that allows for quick micro-payments including tipping. You can customize your widget with no sign up required.  Your website users who have signed up for the service can support you by sending small amounts of Bitcoin Cash through the widget.

Market Dominance Ticker

Coinratecap includes various widgets such as price tickers for individual coins. You also have the option to enable double and even multiple coin ticker widgets. On top of that, there’s an awesome dominance widget that will allow your website visitors to see the current market Bitcoin core is claiming.

Coinmarketcap Price Ticker

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Coinmarketcap offers some interesting widgets with plenty of customization options just like Coinratecap. You can use their price ticker widget to show the rankings, volumes, and market cap for a wide range of cryptocurrencies with prices displayed in an equally large selection of fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency Converter

Coinlib offers one of the best cryptocurrency converter widgets. Truth be told, there are not many decent alternatives available.

Their widget allows you to convert from numerous cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies and the other way around. Once you enter the amount and the currency code of the assets you want to convert, the widget will get the job done.

Mining Profitability Calculator

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Cryptorival provides an assortment of mining profitability widgets. They support a sizeable selection of Proof-Of-Work coins and once you select one, the widget can display information such as mining difficulty, pool fees, block rewards, and power costs.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Widget

CryptoCompare has a cool widget wizard that lets you choose from several widgets such as prices list, chart, news feed and more!

Once you select one, you can change its color theme, select the cryptocurrencies you want to display as well as the fiat currencies to show the prices in. Price and News Tickers also offers a selection of various Bitcoin Cash widgets such as price charts, news ticker, forum topics and others. The widgets come in various sizes, can be used in light or dark themes and the prices can be displayed in an assortment of fiat currencies.

The news widget displays the newest stories on and there’s also one that shows the active forum topics on the website.