Best extensions for the iOS Photos app

One of the best features of the iOS Photos app is it allows you to use third-party apps for image editing as extensions. This means you don’t need to leave the Photos app in order to open a different app to use its editing capabilities.

Instead, you can access all of its features directly in the stock Photos app. A short while ago, I wrote about how you can use extensions in the iOS 10 Photos app, so if you’re having trouble figuring this out by yourself, go ahead and read that guide.

However, I do feel like I need to mention these extensions need to be enabled first (also covered in the above-mentioned guide) so it’s not enough to have them installed.

Best extensions for the iOS Photos app

And if you’re having trouble deciding which ones you should use, check out our selection of best extensions for the iOS Photos app. I’m sure you will find at least some that are useful to you since some of the most popular editing apps work as extensions for the stock Photos app.


best extensions for the iOS Photos app

With Pixlr as a photo extension, you can quickly apply overlays and or borders on your photos. When in need of more of the app’s editing features you can quickly jump to it.


best photo extensions for your iPhone

One of the most intuitive image editors that packs a lot of effects and filters. Perfect for those new to image editing but also for anyone that wants to quickly touch up a photo.


best extensions for the iOS Photos app

Fotograf may not be free (currently priced at $1.99) but if you’re a fan of all the classic photo filters, this app packs them all and with support for non-destructive editing you are free to experiment as much as you want.



If you need more advanced editing options and filters, Camera+ makes a great choice both as an extension for the stock Photos app and as a stand-alone image editor.

Flare Effects

best photo extensions for iPhone and iPad

Flare Effects is a great free app (yes, finally a free one!) that comes with 20 interesting filters. This might seem like a small selection but if you install the Flare 2 companion app on your Mac you can also create custom filters and take things to a whole new level.



Fragment brings something new to the table – it bundles a robust selection of prismatic effects to make your photos look like they’re from the future.



Litely provides a free selection of subtle filters you can apply to your images directly in the Photos app. There are also more filters available via an IAP and if you open the Litely app you can see how your photos look before and after applying a filter in a split screen view.



Quick is the perfect solution if you need to easily apply text overlays to your photos. If you like to create memes for social sharing, or you just want to enhance one of your images with some words, Quick includes a selection of free fonts, but you can also buy more via an IAP.

Effects Studio


With Effects Studio you can use various overlays but also tools such as blurring and blending from the extension. However, the stand-alone app offers even more editing options should you ever need them.

Halftone 2


If you like to create comic book style photos and collages, the Halftone 2 Photos extension allows you to apply comic strip and frame overlays on your images. However, if you want to create collages you will need to open the app as this option is not available in the extension.

I hope you enjoyed our selection of best extensions for the iOS Photos app. Of course, there are others – listing them all would make a very long post! We’re excited to hear which are your favorites and what other good photos extensions are you using on your iPhone or iPad.

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