Best Free and Paid Weather Apps for Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can be a wonderful extension of your iPhone – and there’s so much you can do with it – but the most important thing you can get directly on your wrist is information at a glance, and lots of it. Weather forecasts and other related data are particularly essential, simply because most of us need it, and the Watch owners have the most comfortable way to get it.

Since the Apple Watch has been released just a few days ago, there are lots of great weather apps which don’t support it yet.

Even so, plenty of developers were smart enough to anticipate the need for Watch integration, so you still have a decent number of weather apps in that category – both free and paid -, to choose from.

Free weather apps for Apple Watch

Weather Underground – Download

Price: Free (with IAP)

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a comprehensive weather app offering weather data from a huge network of personal weather stations and other useful information like air quality, local flu outbreaks and UV risk.

The Watch integration gives you the current weather conditions at a glance, hourly and 10-day forecasts as well as radar and severe weather alerts. This app is add-supported, featuring a single $1.99 IAP that lets you remove the ads for one year.

Yahoo Weather – Download

Price: Free

Yahoo Weather

This free weather app comes with a beautiful, award-winning interface where you can view hourly, 5-day and 10-day forecasts, with a good amount of details like chance of precipitation, wind and pressure.

On your Watch you can quickly see the current weather conditions and temperature, wind speed, sunrise and sunset times, barometric pressure, chance of precipitation and more. It’s one of the few truly free weather apps which currently support Apple Watch, so it’s definitely worthy of attention.

The Weather Channel – Download

Price: Free

The Weather Channel

As one of the established, free weather apps available for iOS, The Weather Channel refused to miss the opportunity of providing its users an Apple Watch extension. It comes with the complete set of features – current conditions, a variety of forecasts (including a weekend forecast), radar weather maps and more.

The app can send real-time notifications (which you can customize as you wish) to your wrist, plus it lets you see forecasts, current conditions and even the live GPS-based radar on the Watch.

AccuWeather – Download

Price: Free


AccuWeather is definitely one of the most feature-rich, free weather apps for all major platforms. It sports some exclusive features like MinuteCast – a hyper-localized, minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for the next two hours – please excuse the outrageous number of adjectives, but it’s not easy to summarize such a complex feature.

All those highly accurate weather details, like current conditions, short and long-term prognosis and severe weather alerts – powered by MinuteCast and RealFeel -, can be accessed from the wrist.

Paid weather apps for Apple Watch

Dark Sky – Download

Price: $3.99

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a sleek-looking weather app that offers hyper-localized, GPS-based forecasts, including minute-to-minute predictions for the upcoming hour – very similar to AccuWeather’s MinuteCast feature, might I add. Furthermore, the app provides comprehensive 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, a beautifully animated radar and custom push notifications.

Dark Sky can send these notifications to your wrist, but it also lets you see current conditions and forecasts on the app extension, carefully tailored for the Watch.

CARROT Weather – Download

Price: $2.99

CARROT Weather

The CARROT app family are all driven by CARROT AIs, each with its own personality, so if you enjoy getting weather forecasts with a touch of humor from a quirky robot, this app can do it like no other.

Besides the fun factor, CARROT Weather pulls its reliable weather data from to offers you 24-hour and 7-day forecasts, plus detailed views abounding with information like humidity, pressure, wind speed, visibility and the handy ‘feels like’ temperature among others.

You can view the current weather, but also the 24-hour and 7-day forecasts on your Watch, and rest assured, you’ll keep getting teased by CARROT on your wrist as well.

Wthr Complete – Download

Price: $1.99

Wthr Complete

This weather app managed to create a functional yet attractive interface, with some self-explanatory graphs and a well rounded set of features. Among Wthr Complete’s highlights you’ll find a slate of forecasts, including a detailed one with radar map and satellite animations, NOAA Radio and a robust notification system for severe weather alerts.

On the Watch, you can get push notifications and view current weather conditions for a specific location or up to three at a glance, as well as forecasts. The Apple Watch UI is quite polished, compared to most other weather apps I’ve come across, so this is certainly a plus if you care for the visuals.

WeatherPro – Download

Price: $2.99 (with IAPs)


I feel like WeatherPro’s UI looks a bit crowded, but there’s no denying the wealth of weather data this app bundles. This reasonably-priced app offers 7-day forecast data split into 3-hour segments, a variety of details like chance/amount of precipitation, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, ‘feels like’ temperature and the list goes on.

The weather alerts are functional worldwide and WeatherPro also features a satellite and animated radar, available for the US, Australia and most of Europe. Unlike the iPhone interface, the Watch UI is much more simple and readable and it offers Glance so you can view a summary of the current weather charmingly merged into an analog clock, although you can also access more detailed weather information and forecasts from your wrist.

The in-app subscription options are aimed at demanding users as they provide incredibly detailed forecasts and comprehensive radar views among other features.

Have you used any of these weather apps on your Watch, and which one managed to become your go-to app?

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