Best Free Torrent Apps for Android

Torrent files are still plagued by their association with illegally downloading/sharing copyrighted content but the truth is, you could practically get such content even without a torrent client via the means of a simple web browser.

Regardless, torrent clients offer access to an incredible amount of free and paid content like music, ebooks, videos and anything else that you might think of. Furthermore, the technology behind them is particularly useful for downloading large files, as it offers superior speeds compared to grabbing those through your browser.

While torrent clients began their ascension on desktop computers, right now they are quite popular on mobile ecosystems, simply because smartphones and tablets now have powerful enough hardware to carry out tasks you could have only done on a PC in the past.

If you’re an Android user, there are lots of torrent apps you can choose from, which is good because strong competition always delivers better quality products, but may give you a hard time deciding which app you should use.

We can’t make that decision for you and there’s certainly no definitive top of best torrent apps. With that said, check out our own selection that might help you choose the perfect torrent client for you.


BitTorrent and µTorrent

If you have the slightest idea about torrent software, you probably heard about at least one of these two clients. We paired them together because now they are essentially the same program,  developed by BitTorrent Inc.

In fact, BitTorrent is a re-branded version of µTorrent and they share the same code. The UIs are similar although not exactly the same, so it’s ultimately a matter of taste which one you like best.

Both clients are well supported, receiving frequent updates and include a robust set of features. Built-in audio and video players, support for downloading torrents on microSD card, unlimited speed and downloads, Wifi-only mode to help you save mobile data, RSS subscription and support for magnet links are just some of the features you’ll find in BitTorrent and its twin sibling.

The two apps are free, but each can be upgraded to Pro for some extra features. If you’ve been searching for a free torrent client, worry not, their free versions are solid, feature-rich apps, not just some empty shells built to advertise the paid product.

BitTorrentDownload (Google Play)

µTorrentDownload (Google Play)



aTorrent is an interesting bittorrent app with a very useful collection of features. The native P2P client has a no-frills, functional interface, perfect for the geek in you (if there is one, of course).

The app includes all the essential features you’d expect from a quality torrent client, like a torrent search dialog, support for magnet links and the ability to add your own torrents and open new ones from a browser.

However, aTorrent also bundles multiple parallel downloading supporting various protocols, partial downloads which lets you download only certain files from a torrent, Wifi-only mode as well as an option to pause downloads when the device is not plugged in.

aTorrent is free and ad-supported, and all of its features are completely functional. The Pro version obviously removes ads, and offers both light and dark themes, but it’s certainly something most of us can live without.

aTorrentDownload (Google Play)

tTorrent Lite

tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is another well made torrent app, that truly deserves your attention. There’s an abundance of features similar to what you’d get from BitTorrent, including the ability to create new torrent files, magnet links support, a sequential download mode that lets you download files one by one, while the rest are waiting in a queue, a Wifi-only mode, support for trackerless (DHT) torrents and RSS, proxy and IP filtering support and local peer discovery.

There’s just a small problem with this app – Lite is the free version in which there’s a 250k/s download speed cap. This might not bother you, although there are plenty of other free alternatives which offer unlimited download speed.

Despite the fact its developers may have pushed things a bit too far when it comes to motivating users to upgrade to the paid version, tTorrent Lite remains a high quality torrent app with a ton of advanced features, despite this limitation.

tTorrentDownload (Google Play)



I find Torrentex to be one of the most honest free torrent apps for Android, since its 100% free with no ads and no paid version. Basically, what you download is what you get, nothing more nothing less.

The client is lightweight but don’t think it lacks features. You’ll get support for torrent files and magnet links, the ability to download selective files from a torrent, Wifi-only mode, completed downloads notifications, SD card support and of course, unlimited download speed – something expected from a truly free app.

Torrentex’s UI is stripped of unessential elements and offers a light and a dark theme, as well as phone and tablet layouts for a superior experience regardless of the device you’re using.

You might think this sounds way too perfect and something must be wrong. Sadly, there is: the app really needs an update, because many users are having stability issues on Lollipop, even though for some it works perfectly.

Hopefully, we’ll see an update that will optimize Torrentex for Lollipop soon. Despite this problem I still chose to include this app, because of the great features it bundles and the fact that its absolutely free.

Torrentex – Download (Google Play)



The Vuze desktop client is well known and if the name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps Azureus does, because this was its former title. Unlike its bulky desktop counterpart, Vuze for Android is light and clean.

The app packs essential features like built-in torrent search, the ability to control download and upload speeds, the option to start automatically at system reboot, notifications for completed downloads and management options for torrent downloads.

Furthermore, it includes the useful Wifi-only mode and lets you set the incoming port. Vuze’s interface is straightforward and clean – there’s really nothing special about it, but it does work really well for the intended purpose. After all, it is a torrent app, and if Picasso were to design its layout, you might mistake it for a puzzle game.

Like tTorrent, Vuze is ad-free and won’t cost you a penny, plus it receives updates on a regular basis, so you don’t really have anything to lose by trying it.

VuzeDownload (Google Play)



Flud may be the last title on our roundup but certainly not because it’s the least attention-worthy app from the list. This free bittorrent client has a beautiful UI (including a layout optimized for tablets), with Material Design elements and offers an impressive collection of features, even though the first stable version hit the Play Store less than a year ago.

Flud bundles support for magnet links and RSS feed, options to selectively download files inside a torrent, customizable file and folder priorities, Wifi-only mode and Light/Dark interface themes as far as essential options go.

For those who really like to dig deep into the settings of their torrent app, Flud offers plenty of that. The app includes support for protocols like UPnP, µTP, NAT_PMP, PEX and DHT system, support for encryption and IP filtering as well as proxy support for trackers and peers.

The client is free and ad-supported, with no limitations so you can at least try the fully functional Flud and buy the ad-free version if you really like it but the ads become a nuisance.

FludDownload (Google Play)

What’s your go-to, free torrent app for your Android device? Have you discovered other free but high quality torrent clients that are worthy of attention? Tell us all about them in the comment section!

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