Best game booster software for Windows 10

These days we have so many Windows PC games to choose from but the most complex ones also require some heavy processing power. Your gaming experience might not be the best if your rig isn’t powerful enough. An excellent and budget-friendly solution to make games run smoother on your computer is to use one of the best game booster software for Windows 10.

Game booster applications are designed to ensure your computer’s resources are optimized and are used as much as possible for playing your games. Xbox One and other gaming consoles have dedicated operating systems designed specifically for gaming.

5 Best game booster software for Windows 10

This is not the case with Windows 10, which is why having a game booster software installed can significantly enhance your gaming experience. If you’re considering installing such an application, you should check out the best game booster software for Windows 10 first.

Game Fire 6 Pro

best game booster software for Windows 10

Game Fire 6 is an excellent PC game booster application as it can automatically determine the apps and background processes it can disable so your computer will have more processing power for your games. Once it scans your computer, it will display all the tasks that should be disabled.

Furthermore, the application will also perform game defragmentation, monitor Memory Diagnostics and offers a set of handy Windows tools. Game Fire 6 comes with a free version that performs basic optimization, but if you want the best possible gaming experience you should consider purchasing the Pro version.

Razor Cortex

game optimization software for Windows 10

Razer Cortex is one of the most popular game optimization apps because it’s both reliable and free. The application will disable apps and processes you don’t need while playing games, which translates into freeing up RAM and CPU that will be used for running the currently open game.

As a result, you’ll experience higher FPS, faster load times and a smoother overal gaming session. Razer Cortex can tweak your system automatically but you can also manually adjust its settings.

If you enable the auto-boost function, the program will optimize your PC for gaming as soon as you open a game regardless if it’s installed on your computer or can be played online.

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster is another well-known program designed to improve system performance while gaming. It works in a similar manner to Razer Cortex and other game booster apps although it also tweaks the system settings, placing your computer in gaming mode.

Also, the program will automatically detect and list all installed games, allowing you to manage them with ease, as well as view related information. Wise Game Booster is not a free application although it does provide a free trial so you can test it before you decide if it’s worth purchasing or not.


If you’re mostly playing online games and experiencing Internet-related issues such as lag, WTFast might be the perfect app for you.

This app doesn’t work like most game booster software – it doesn’t tweak the system but it does ensure you’ll get faster Internet speeds, less lag, and lower ping so the online games you’re playing will be as snappy and responsive as possible.

WTFast makes this possible by relying on private global networks without speed limits which transfer the information between the game server and your PC. The only drawback is the pricey $9.99 monthly subscription.

SpeedItUp Extreme

SpeedItUp Extreme is an interesting game booster software. Firstly, it disables unneeded processes and apps during your gaming sessions, but that’s not all it does.

The program also includes a Windows Optimizer that can boost the system speed, as well as a RAM booster which can free up memory and prevent memory leaks. This means you get both game boosting and PC optimization capabilities in a single piece of software. And even better, it’s 100% free.

These are some of the best game booster software for Windows 10 and hopefully, the perfect app for you is among them. If you have any insight you’re willing to share regarding any of these programs or you know another excellent game booster application you can recommend, we’d love to hear about it!

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