Best iPhone apps to add text over photos

Once upon a time image editing and graphic was done using professional apps only, and an amateur would have had a hard time if all he or she wanted was to simply apply a text overlay on an image and make it look good in a pinch. Luckily, times are very different now, and today we’re going to go through some of the best iPhone apps to add text over photos.

Whether you need to make a quick invitation, a birthday card or just share a fun quote via social channels, these amazing iPhone apps will allow you to easily apply text overlay on any image, and the best part is, you don’t need to have a clue about photo editing in order to use them.

Top 5 iPhone apps to add text over photos

Of course, a bit of talent will always come in handy, but even if you lack it, you can rely on these iPhone apps to add text over photos as many of them come with built-in combinations and presets to make things that much easier.

Font Candy

Price: Freemium

Font Candy has a rather descriptive name – besides the actual fonts, the app also offers a straightforward collection of image editing tools, sayings templates and artwork packs.

You can try a limited version for free although Font Candy really starts to shine when you start unlocking some of its IAPs such as various font packs, an eraser tool, and the blend panel.


Price: Freemium

You can use Over as a free app if all you need is to add a text overlay to your photos. If you decide to invest in its premium features, things are completely different.

The Pro toolkit and the rest of the IAPs make Over a powerful photo editing app, that lets you do much more than simply applying text on images.


Price: Freemium

Photofy is an interesting app that provides numerous photo editing functions, including collage making, a decent collection of filters, a watermark creator and of course, the ability to apply text on any of your photos.

What’s more, you can use Photofy to take a selfie directly within the app, apply a text overlay and then share it to your favorite social channels.


Price: Freemium

Typorama is a more typography-oriented app, and it can help you create even complex text layouts. Most of the work is done by the app, and you get plenty of styles to choose from. It also allows you to apply various effects on the text, plus it includes free Pixabay stock images and a large collection of quotes just in case you run out of inspiration.


Price: $3.99

It may be the last on our list today, but Typic is one of the best iPhone apps to add text over photos. Firstly, you need to appreciate the straightforward pricing model – pay $3.99 and get everything instead of being forced to purchase a handful of IAPs and end up paying much more.

It has 100+ fonts you can choose from, filters, lighting effects, frames, design elements and other interesting options that let you easily create unique and beautiful text overlays. Furthermore, you can export photos in various layouts and you can also use the app’s extension to edit images directly in your photo gallery.

What’s your favorite typography app and do you know any other good ones worth sharing with the rest of the world?

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