Best Mobile Apps to Learn Photography

From transforming your IG feed to making a career out of it, photography is a really good addition to your creative skills. Like other skills, photography is something that you should study, learn and practice to master. However, taking photography courses and attending classes can be costly and time-consuming.

Good thing is that there are efficient ways on how you can learn photography using your mobile devices, at home, or even where ever you are. There are tons of apps providing content, courses, and classes about photography for all levels.

Top mobile apps you can use to learn photography

Free Mobile Apps

Elements of Photography (For Android and iOS)

Elements of Photography (EoP) is a useful, interactive mobile app for learning photography through your Android or IOS mobile device. Instead of giving long-form instructional texts and videos, the app delivers slideshow-like lessons with brief important texts, that make it easier to follow and understand.

EoP has 2 chapters of basic photography lessons. It has tools, including charts, diagrams, and visuals about camera functions and features.  After each chapter, EoP also has quizzes and advanced tests you can take.

Capture Pal DSLR Photography Training app (for Android)

If you want to master your DSLR or even other cameras, Capture Pal can be a great free app that can help you. It has features that serve both beginners and experts. If you’re still starting out, Capture Pal can be your all-around guide, reference, and cheat sheet.

It has tutorials, pro tips and it gives access to a community of photographers and learners from all around the world. Capture Pal is still currently available for Android devices only.

EyeEm App (for iOS)

If you’re looking into turning your creative passion for photography into a career, EyeEm is a great app to try. It is available for IOS and Android devices, making it easier for you to learn photography, share your shots with the world and even earn from them. EyeEm gives photographers the opportunity to be discovered by brands and get paid for their stunning pictures.  

It also gives access to a vast community of photographers with whom you can learn from and exchange ideas. They also provide blogs and useful editing tools you can start with as you embark on your photography journey.

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It also hosts contests for you to showcase your skills and push yourself towards becoming a better photographer as you practice. If you’re not looking for that formal photography lessons and, instead, is inclined into practicing and monetizing, EyeEm is worth a try.

Youtube (for Android and iOS)

Just as everyone is on Youtube making videos about anything and everything, the video streaming site is a great place to start discovering free tutorials and lessons about photography. You can easily search “Photography Tutorials” or keywords in the same line, and surely, it will yield hundreds of results for you to choose from.

Don’t know where to start? We highly recommend channels created by passionate yet highly experienced photographers and professional teams where you can definitely learn from. Here are a few Youtube Channels you should check out:

Most of these channels cover discus techniques from the basic ones to the mod advance, as well as gear reviews, software recommendations, and tutorials that will indulge you more to dig deeper into photography. Best of all, they are accessible on Youtube through the web or your mobile phone, all for free.

Online Photography Schools and Educational Sites (with mobile apps)

If you prefer formal lessons with a defined flow that cover certain points of photography, there are online academies and schools that offer exclusive courses for photography. However, most of the courses are paid. But it gives you the benefit of a well-crafted and planned education from experts in the field.

If you’re seeking to level-up your credentials and you need a bit of a boost, taking up a course on an online school can help too. Here are some great online learning platforms that offer comprehensive photography classes:


CreativeLive is an online learning hub dedicated to those who want to pursue a career out of the arts. They offer  Photography  & Video classes that are sectioned into curated paths, to help you decide which you want to master first (e.g. portrait photography, wedding, lifestyle, photography lighting, etc. ). From the fundamentals to lighting, to camera guides and software and more, CreativeLive has it.

They offer paid programmed classes. But if you’re on a tight budget, CreativeLive is still giving you a chance to be the best photographer you can be through their Free Photography Classes that you can also find on their site.


Udemy offers a range of courses for various subjects and skills. This includes photography courses for photographers of all levels, from beginners to experts. Their courses’ price range starts at $11.99 and may vary depending on their promos. Udemy provides courses for digital photography editing, lighting, and more.

Udemy is accessible via the web or you can also access classes through their mobile app. It is available for any Android or IOS device


SkillShare is a platform where experts and professionals deliver classes based on their expertise. With this, you are sure that you are learning based on your instructor’s experiences and all.

The platform has some interesting Photography Classes led by experienced photographers like Andre D. Wagner, Daniel Nwabuko, Marte Marie Forsberg, and more. They discuss a variety of topics such as photography techniques, tools, and topics, from selecting lenses and lighting to composition and editing.

SkillShare requires a premium subscription to access its library of 22,000 classes. But they also offer group promos, a 7-day free trial, and even free classes for selected topics.  You can access SkillShare on mobile via their app available for Android and IOS.


If you want to learn from the most influential and the pros, MasterClass can be your gateway towards meeting your expert mentor. MasterClass is an online learning platform where famous artists, directors, creatives, and business builders share a piece of their minds.

People like Alicia Keys, Gordon Ramsey, Shonda Rhimes, and Neil Gaiman share learnings through the platform. For Photography, you will be taught by vetted experts, like award-winning portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz and professional climber, photographer, and Academy Award-winning film director Jimmy Chin, among others.

You can access MasterClass through a subscription of $15/month (billed annually). Once you have subscribed, you can take classes anywhere using their mobile app that works for Android and IOS devices.

Photography is a creative skill rooted in the urge to capture the beauty and tell a story. It comes innately but is strengthened by continuous learning, training and practice. No matter which way or app or platform you choose, as long as you do it with passion, you’ll surely thrive.