The best Spotify features you may have missed

Spotify Main

Spotify and music streaming are almost synonymous as the service is undoubtedly the most popular app of its kind. Even so, most people only use the basic Spotify features of searching and playing songs without bothering with some of the more obscure or advanced features. We have gathered the best Spotify features that you may not know about but if you have any more to add, feel free to drop a comment down below!

Organize playlists and recover deleted ones

A lot of people get their first music streaming experience from Spotify, which means that they tend to create dozens of playlists from old and new music. Some are more organized than others but chances are the playlists will simply be listed by their creation dates which is not very convenient when you already have 20 playlists from the first day.

To fix that, click on the File menu from the top toolbar and select the “New Playlist Folder” option. You can group any number of playlists together but I would suggest starting with your online and offline songs, provided you are on a Premium subscription. This way you can quickly access downloaded songs on all platforms without getting error messages about connectivity.

Spotify Playlist Folders

On top of that, you can create playlists with a combination of the “-“ or “_” characters (no quotes) which will instantly create a divider as you can see in the image above. I have not stopped using dividers since I first discovered the feature and I am certain many of you will feel the same way.

Spotify Playlist Dividers

Spotify also makes it incredibly easy to recover playlists you have previously deleted. Just visit this section of your Spotify profile and you will be able to instantly restore any playlist. No one seems to know how long the company keeps the playlists for but they do stay for more than a few months so you have plenty of time in case you accidentally delete something.

Perform better searches

Spotify’s Search is not as simplistic as it may initially appear. Sure, searching for an artist, song, or album will definitely reveal a long list of items as the app will show you every single thing that contains your query. This can be useful when you only remember a single detail about a song but it is excruciating when your query is something common as the list of results will be nearly endless.

In these cases, adding more parameters to your search query can help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. For instance, searching for Metallica will not only reveal every single song by the band, but also collaborations, playlists that contain the Metallica name and a bunch of other things that you may not be interested in. In contrast, searching for Artist:”Metallica” will only show you songs by this band and nothing else. An exhaustive list of these parameters can be found on Search Engine Watch and I highly suggest reading through that page at least once because something will surely catch your eye.

Spotify Advanced Search

There is also a simpler yet less elegant solution for those who do not want to bother with search parameters. Pressing Ctrl + F will reveal the filter box where you can simply enter a more specific search term so you can find what you are looking for in a list of results.

Spotify Filter

Share everything

Sharing music with others is one of the most common things people do on the Internet. Spotify does not exactly reinvent the wheel with its sharing features but this is negated by the fact that sharing on Spotify is incredibly polished. First of all, you can instantly copy virtually any item you find on the service including songs, artists, albums, playlists and even searches. Just right-click on the item you want to share and select one of the available options. If you choose to copy the Spotify URI, for example, your friends can simply click on the link and Spotify will automatically open whatever it is you sent them. Adding #time to the end of a track’s URI (like #1:40) will start it at that exact time, like sharing a YouTube link.

Spotify Share Menu

Aside from item sharing, the Spotify team has made huge efforts to connect the music streaming service with Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Selecting the “Share” option will allow you post to your followers on Spotify and to your friends/family/acquaintances on the social networks. You do not even have to open your browser because Spotify will automatically do everything for you as long as you have already connected your accounts.

Share nothing

Despite the fact that Spotify has been designed as a social app, those who prefer to keep their musical activities private can easily do so, after configuring a couple of settings. Start by clicking on the Edit menu at the top toolbar and going to Preferences. Alternatively, press Ctrl + P to open the Preferences window immediately. Once you are there, look for the “Social” heading and disable any setting that infringes on your privacy.

Spotify Settings Social

That menu includes a “Private session” setting which is actually trickier than it looks. Spotify’s social roots means that most of the things you do on the service are somehow connected to a group activity, at least with the default settings. Private sessions can be enabled either via this menu or by clicking at the downwards-pointing arrow next to your profile, located at the top right corner of Spotify. Running Spotify on this mode means that all social ties are cut and you can enjoy your guilty pleasure music without worrying about it.

Spotify Private Session

On a final note, you may also want to make your playlists secret. Spotify automatically makes new playlists public by default, something which would not be that bad if it did not also include your name and profile in the process. While many people actively share for playlists created by other users, you may not want anyone to know about your “Guilty Pleasures” playlist. Instead, you can check out Spotify’s own Guilty Pleasures playlist which was created after looking at 120,000 similarly named lists.

Spotify Playlist Make Public

Stream from any browser

The final feature is perhaps the most convenient one. Spotify has a very decent web player that looks and behaves almost exactly like the desktop app. Visiting will reveal the web UI and bookmarking the page means you can access it at any time.

Spotify Web

The best thing about this, however, is that you can check out your music (including any playlists you have created) regardless of where you are, even when visiting a friend that does not have Spotify installed on their computers. I would not suggest using the web player instead of the desktop one in your main computer but the browser version works absolutely fine when there are no other options.