Best Windows 11 Repair Apps to Fix Your PC

Windows 11 is an excellent operating system that’s extremely powerful, easy to use and user-friendly. However, like all Windows versions, at some point, it becomes bloated and gets slower. There are multiple reasons for this, from uninstalled software that leaves registry entries to temporary files, fragmentation, or old drivers, to name a few. This problem may lead to different Windows errors like software crashes or worse, BSODs (Blue Screen of Death).

Fortunately, some software applications can help you easily repair your Windows 11 installation.

Best Repair Tools for Windows 11

There are many good Windows 11 repair applications on the market, and while most of them do a decent job cleaning the operating system, we’ve listed the tools we think are the best and were tested by our staff.

iolo System Mechanic Pro

Iolo System Mechanic Pro is a comprehensive solution for streamlining your computer system. It’s particularly tailored for users with some experience under their belts rather than those just starting out. This powerhouse of an application empowers you to enhance your computer’s speed, stability, and overall power.

Iolo System Mechanic enhances your computer’s performance in multiple ways. It de-clutters your hard drive by defragging it, removes unnecessary files that could be slowing your system down, and even optimizes your computer’s CPU and RAM usage in real-time. It performs a range of tasks that are designed to boost your computer’s overall performance.

Along with its focus on system maintenance, System Mechanic Pro emphasizes securing your digital environment. It has a formidable array of protective tools, including a sturdy Firewall, a vigilant Privacy Guardian, and an aggressive Malware Killer.

iolo System Mechanic Pro costs around $69.95 but is often discounted to around $20. We’ve been using it for some years here in the office, and we can say it’s one of the best Windows repair apps for PC.

CCleaner Professional

CCleaner is a reputable clean-up application that comes in 2 versions, CCleaner Free and CCleaner Professional. While the free version of CCleaner can clean many junk files from your system, we recommend installing the Professional version.

CCleaner Professional, widely recognized as a powerful tool for boosting computer performance, has introduced its latest version with many improvements designed to fine-tune your system’s workings. Picture this software as a meticulous janitor, working tirelessly to keep your computer clean.

The clean-up utility dives into the core of your system, effectively cleaning your computer’s registry, which is like the central nervous system of your PC. Additionally, it eradicates the numerous cookies that can accumulate in your browser over time, potentially slowing your browsing speed.

However, CCleaner Professional’s capabilities extend beyond just routine cleaning. This software proves its worth by going the extra mile. It also takes the reins in managing updates for your drivers and applications. It does this to ensure that your system is current and working with the most compatible versions, which can greatly influence your computer’s performance.

One of CCleaner’s latest features, Health Check, functions like a personal physician for your computer. It meticulously scans your entire system, identifying potential concerns that might impact your computer’s speed or jeopardize its security. Upon completion of this thorough examination, it promptly provides solutions to rectify these identified issues.

However, the functionalities of Health Check extend beyond mere detection and resolution. It adds another layer of value by automatically fine-tuning your system for optimized performance. It applies essential updates, ensuring your computer powers up quickly and operates smoothly.

We’ve used CCleaner for years, and it never disappointed us. We can honestly say that CCleaner is one of the best Windows fixing tools on the market.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is your all-in-one toolkit designed to carry out various system-related tasks. Its main aim? To ensure your computer stays clean operates swiftly, and maintains its robust security.

This comprehensive set of tools offers various features to optimize your computer’s performance. It cleans unwanted files and entries, enhances your system’s speed, and strengthens security.

Advanced SystemCare comes in 2 versions, Advanced SystemCare Free and Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. The free version is very capable, and we recommend you start with that. It offers all the basic tools you need to briefly check your computer, clean up unwanted temp file registry entries, and optimize your system. The Ultimate version has a built-in antivirus solution and an advanced system optimizer that runs proactively to fix or prevent Windows 11 related problems.

We usually recommend the paid version if you’re looking for the best version of the software. You might not need the extra antivirus that comes with the Ultimate version, but the System Optimizer alone is a great assistant for keeping your PC fast and clean.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is ideal for those seeking to clean, fine-tune, and secure their computers. This software clears unnecessary files to create more disk space, rectifies errors, and ensures consistent performance.

More importantly, it takes on the task of addressing the limitations of Windows, delivering you a system that’s speedier, tidier, and more efficient.

One of the standout features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer is its automatic settings. With just a few clicks, you can set up the software with no technical expertise needed. It’s user-friendly and designed to make computer maintenance as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a formidable system optimization tool that ensures your disks stay clean and your PC performs optimally. It also prioritizes your privacy and lets you personalize Windows to suit your preferences.

Beyond its cleaning capabilities, which are supported by three unique cleaning modules, the application boasts approximately 38 tools. These tools cater to a wide range of tasks. They delve into system maintenance, fine-tuning, system evaluation, performance enhancement, and file management.

Imagine this software as a versatile toolkit with everything you need to keep your system running optimally. From deep cleaning to performance boosting, Ashampoo WinOptimizer has you covered, ensuring your PC is always in its best shape.


Fortect is a PC optimization tool engineered to meticulously scan your system and locate and clear out junk files, registry entries, and system files. Its main goal is fine-tuning your operating system, enhancing your computer’s overall performance and speed.

The optimization performed by Fortect can effectively streamline PC repair, address issues related to Windows, and provide a beneficial edge when managing your hardware and software.

Additionally, the software comes equipped with a malware and spyware removal feature. This essential function scans for and eliminates harmful files and software lurking in your computer. It’s like a security guard constantly watching for malicious threats or viruses that could harm your system.

Fortect also brings a complete diagnostics function designed to pinpoint the underlying cause of computer-related issues. This feature thoroughly examines your computer, scrutinizing your system’s hardware and software components.

Following this comprehensive analysis, the diagnostics function generates a detailed report outlining any identified issues. This report can serve as a roadmap for remedying your computer’s problems.

Fortect is a new Windows PC repair software launched recently, but we didn’t have much time with it. However, many users praise this repair solution compared to others in its niche. It’s also worth mentioning that Fortect comes with a yearly subscription for about $65 (discounted at the moment of this writing at $30).