BitDefender Antivirus Plus: Complete security suite

BitDefender Antivirus Plus is an all-in-one security and virus protection software that protects users in real time against the various security threats that are always lurking around in the internet and in various malicious files that might enter one’s system.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is quite simple. If you are using a proxy server you need to choose the custom installation and enter your details there. You also need an active internet connection as the installer will try to download files online. A remarkable feature is that during the setup, the program will search for viruses in your system. After the setup is done you will need to configure some aspects of the application but you can always change them later. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7 and 8.


The visual look of the application is quite amazing as everything is presented in a clean, sleek way with nothing to obstruct your view or confuse you. The application can run in one of two modes, User mode and Autopilot mode. The first one leaves everything up to the user while the second one will automatically take care of every aspect of your security by using BitDefender’s various algorithms to ensure that the best course of action is taken each time. The application will also be integrated with your browser, checking links in Google and other websites as well as installing the Wallet utility.

Everything in the main interface can be edited. You have various modules, namely AntiVirus, Privacy, Update, Safego and Wallet. All of the scanning modes are located in the first one. You can do all of the traditional quick, full and custom scans but there are also the Vulnerability and Rescue modes which are quite interesting. The Vulnerability mode will check your computer for anything that might leave you prone to attacks by malicious users while the Rescue mode will restart your computer in a special mode that will let the software take care of any security threats with no interruptions, a process that would otherwise be impossible in heavily infected systems.

The other tabs are mainly aimed towards protecting your data. The Privacy module protects you from phishing while also offering a file and folder shredder. The Safego module protects your Facebook account from various threats like malicious links and software scams and will inform you each time a security threat comes near your account. Lastly, the Wallet mode is designed to provide maximum security for your online transactions by securely storing your information and using a hidden browser to fill the information for you when you need it, thus protecting you from any hackers.

Lastly, the application offers a desktop gadget that you can disable at any time which gives you easy access to all of BitDefender’s utilities and lets you know about what is going on with the application in real time. You can also access the reports from there so you scan your system and be informed of security threats simultaneously.


-A ton of utilities provide maximum protection in every direction
-Safe transactions with the Wallet module
-Non-intrusive Autopilot mode is a blessing
-Browser integration
-Minimal system resources required
-Multiple anti-virus scanning modes


-None that I could find


BitDefender Antivirus Plus is truly an amazing application. The fully personalized software enables its users to use it in whatever way they want, meaning it can please both inexperienced and experienced users with its abundance of features and sleek design.