Block Access to the Internet for Win 10 Services

Microsoft has made it hard for Windows 10 users to prevent the OS from downloading updates the way Microsoft likes it. To prevent Windows 10 from downloading and installing OS updates, for example, you would need to set your Wi-Fi to metered connection.

However, there are a lot of Windows services that keep accessing the Internet on a regular basis (I am looking at you, Cortana!), and there is no simple way around this little issue.

There is a third-party, $8-worth workaround for this problem, and it’s called TripMode.

Download TripMode

The gist if the app is it offers a way to customize and block access to the Internet while you are traveling. No rule says you can not use it when you are not traveling.

TripMode enables you to select which apps and services can access the Internet. It is easy to use – install it, enable and choose which apps and services can access the web. The best part is it detects Windows services’ attempts to go online and blocks them for you.

Now, TripMode offers a 7-day free trial, after that it’s $8. The process is straightforward – download, install, run. You will see a bus icon in your system tray → click it to turn on the app.

When TripMode detects some app or service is trying to access the Internet, it flashes red. Click it → see the list of apps seeking to access the Internet → click an app/service to grant or deny access.

The apps and services that are blocked appear grayed out. TripMode enables you to allow/block Internet access to an app or service with one toggle, which is uber-convenient.

TripMode is available for Windows and Mac. Use it wisely, as blocking the Internet access for some Windows services might have an adverse effect on your operating system. Some services have a legitimate reason to access the internet. So, in case your system starts acting weird – check the list of the things you’ve blocked.