How To: Block explicit content in Apple Music on your iPhone

Bad language might be somewhat therapeutic for us grown-ups but it certainly shouldn’t reach the ears of your little ones. Sadly, it’s very difficult to protect kids in today’s media-powered world where accessing inappropriate content is very easy thanks to the millions of Internet-connected devices.

While parental control apps abound on all platforms, the operating systems themselves can include such features and iOS is no exception. Apple Music provides a diverse collection of songs from an impressive number of artists, and it’s very easy to ensure your children won’t hear any swear words while using the app.

How to restrict explicit content in Apple Music on the iPhone or iPad

iOS 9 Settings - General


On your iPhone or iPad open the Settings app and select General.

Tap on Restrictions. You’ll be prompted to enter the password so go ahead and do that.

Then select the ‘Enable Restrictions‘ option. You’ll have to re-enter the password twice.

The list of restrictions is rather long and sorted under relevant categories but for the purpose of this guide navigate to the ‘Allowed Content‘ section and select ‘Music, Podcasts & News‘. On the next screen simply toggle on the ‘Explicit‘ option. It’s written with a red, bold font so you can’t miss it.

From then on, all explicit content will be filtered out of Apple Music until you return to the Restrictions screen to disable the restriction. However, you should be aware some explicit content (mostly songs) has versions marked as ‘clean’ in the Music app. These will still be available as all the swear words and other age-inappropriate expressions are replaced with beeps.

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