How To: Block “No Caller ID” calls on iPhone

iOS lets you block specific callers on your phone, which is undeniably useful but there’s more you can do to protect yourself against unwanted calls. For example, you can block No Caller ID calls on iPhone, as well as all “Unknown” callers. Usually, these types of calls are both annoying and unwanted.

There’s no dedicated option to block No Caller ID calls on iPhone, and the same goes for “Unknown” callers, but we’re going to show you a cool trick that lets you do this.

How to block No Caller ID calls on iPhone

Before we get to the instructions, I would like to point out you might not want to use this method if you often receive phone calls from unrecognized numbers. Once you complete all the steps below, your iPhone will only allow incoming calls from people in your Contacts list. Obviously, this is not very useful on your work phone.

block No Caller ID calls on iPhone

Open the Settings app and tap on “Do Not Disturb”. Enable the “Manual” option. This obviously enables Do Not Disturb mode, but we’ll tweak some settings in a moment.

block No Caller ID calls on iPhone

To continue, tap on “Allow Calls From”. For the purpose of our guide, the best option you can choose is “All Contacts”. This ensures you only get calls from those listed in your Contacts. You could also select “Favorites” if you want to receive calls just from your iPhone’s Favorites list, although this choice is a bit restrictive.

While this method can efficiently block No Caller ID calls on iPhone, as well as “Unknown” callers, you need to be aware you will only be receiving calls from people in your Contacts list (or Favorites depending on what you chose earlier). So, if you often get calls from people which are not in your Contacts, you might want to skip this method, or set up Do Not Disturb mode on a schedule so you can at lease have some peace and quiet after office hours.

Nevertheless, Apple is yet to offer a simpler solution so for now, this is the best we can do to avoid annoying calls from telemarketers, call scams and robocalls.

Do you know another reliable way to block unknown calls on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments section.

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