Boost Machine: Increase your downloading speed

Downloading files with Peer to Peer (P2P) software is growing a lot in popularity as an extremely easy way to share files between people from across the world. The only downside is the sometimes limited downloading speed and this is what Boost Machine aims to fix.

Installation & Requirements

Although the installation is fast, the setup will try to push a lot of third party software to you. You need to be wary of it if you do not want them installed as you will have to uncheck boxes, skip installation parts and disagree to licenses to abort them. Some required software like the Visual C++ Redistributable are included in the setup process. The application supports a lot of Windows versions, namely 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and 8.


When you start the application, you will be asked to buy the full version of the software in order to gain access to its improved performance boosting. If you do not want to you can always continue to using the application for Free with no restrictions by simply clicking on the continue button, otherwise you can choose to Buy and register the application with the code they will send you.

Using the application could not be easier. In the top of the main interface’s window there is a drop down list with all of the P2P applications currently installed in your computer. To start boosting them, simply choose them from the list and click on the run button. The grayed out Settings button will now be clickable and you can enable or disable the acceleration whenever you want. Moreover, you can choose a different network adapter than the default one in case you are using multiple ones or if you simply want the acceleration to happen in separate ones.

In the bottom of the Window you will see the Statistics tab which will give you some information about the application like its current status and the data size you have received and sent since you enabled the acceleration process. If you quit the application, the acceleration will still stay on so if you want to stop it you will have to click on the Stop button. Otherwise it will simply run in invisible mode and will continue accelerating your P2P applications. Keep in mind that the process can take quite a toll in your internet connection. If you are downloading with the maximum speed possible you might experience a slower browsing speed for the duration of the download, unless you choose to stop or pause it of course.


-Extremely easy to use
-A lot of supported P2P programs
-Support for all of your network adapters
-Statistics for your network usage
-Instant speed improvement in all of your P2P applications


-The installation processes tries to push a lot of extra software


Boost Machine is a very simple program that does what it says. It will instantly boost your downloading speed when using P2P programs and with such a simple interface, anyone can take advantage of it.