Brave Browser 1.50: An essential update

Earlier today, Brave Software unveiled Brave Browser 1.50 for desktop devices. This latest release not only bolsters security but also introduces an array of new features, enhancements, and modifications.

To verify their current Brave Browser version, desktop users can enter brave://settings/help into the address bar. Upon doing so, the browser will display the installed version while simultaneously checking for updates. Users should expect the Brave 1.50 update to be detected and installed automatically.

Brave Essential Changes

Brave Browser 1.50 boasts many new features and enhancements, some catering to specific operating systems. In contrast, others, previously available in an inactive state, are now enabled for all users.

Among these updates, Brave users will now discover a screenshot feature integrated into the browser’s share menu. By clicking on the screenshot option within the share menu, located next to the address bar, users can easily select a portion of the content displayed in the browser and copy it to their clipboard.

Additionally, the System Settings page, accessible via brave://settings/system, now includes a Power option. However, this feature is only available for devices equipped with a battery.

Security and Enhancements

Brave users will notice the new download bubble, which relocates downloads to a dedicated icon at the top of the Brave interface, replacing the previous bottom-of-window display.

A new HTTPS by Default mode is a middle ground between Brave’s HTTPS-Only mode and conventional website handling. It prioritizes HTTPS connections and only reverts to HTTP if the secure connection fails. This feature is driven by Brave Shields, which can be configured globally or on a site-by-site basis.

All local content-blocking scripts will now be enabled by default, compared to only one active previously for new or freshly-installed Brave Browser users. Users can manage these scripts by entering brave://settings/shields/filters in the address bar.

Additional changes include a Command-B keyboard shortcut for macOS users to toggle the sidebar and a new Mute Tab option exclusive to macOS.

For those utilizing Brave’s sync feature, enabling the experimental flag at brave://flags/#brave-sync-send-all-history will add browsing history to Brave Sync, making it accessible across all devices.

Lastly, the update includes several bug fixes, addressing issues such as “excessive CPU usage” on a particular website and an error when logging into the T-Mobile account website.