Build Your Own Mobile Game In 3 Minutes With Appy Pie

Appy Pie makes building a simplistic mobile game into a fun and non-challenging task. It’s free mobile app builder software is a web based platform that lets you build your own mobile games without any coding knowledge or experience whatsoever. The website allows you to start creating mobile games immediately and if you’re happy with your creation you can even upload your mobile game to Appy Pie’s catalog, Google Play store or iTunes.

Of course, don’t expect anything overly advanced from this game builder – you can create quite simplistic games of 6 types – court basket, jackpot casino, tic-tac-toe, shooter, unblock bloxy and flappy bird- like games.

game Types

I tried my hand at creating a Flappy Bird clone, blocks game and a simplistic shooter. The process is simple, indeed. You have to choose the game type, input the game’s name and description, and choose the logo and icon for your game.


Both logos and icons are available via the game library, but the choice is one image only, so if you’re serious about it, you may want to upload custom-created logos and icons for your game. The next step is to choose a background image and several miscellaneous elements for the game, for example, choose the hero of your game, the enemy characters, the background, the obstacle types, arrows and guns and all sorts of accessories – it’s really fun.


The next step is to try out your game. My Flappy Bird clone was equally difficult and annoying as the original title, while my shooter was even fun enough for my neighbor’s kids to occupy my laptop and toy with it for a while. The block game turned out to be a multi-level and quite challenging puzzle, and since you can upload your own design elements, you can create some good-looking and challenging puzzles. Even though the games are quite simplistic in the outcome (mind you, I didn’t spend more than 3 minutes per each), Appy Pie has created something that has an immense potential – you no longer need to study coding to be able to create potentially awesome mobile games, and in some cases simplicity can be ingenious and quite successful.

my own flappy bird

If you choose to publish your game, you will need to fill out the registration form to publish your game and receive HTML 5-based hybrid app that will work for iOS and Android devices. Aside from publishing your game on Appy Pie marketplace, the company will also publish it on Google Play store and iTunes for a small fee.


Appy Pie offers the following platforms to build apps and games – iPhone app builder and Android app builder, so now you can create awesome games in minutes for free, without any coding skills. Moreover, your apps will get published and shared, and you can potentially monetize them if they’re successful by adding in-app purchases and push notifications. The cloud-based game builder platform is available for free, and more than 500 games have been created since its launch in January, according to VentureBeat.

shooter mine

“Appy Pie’s driving mission is to make the entire creation process effortless and enjoyable, where anyone can create a mobile app in 3 easy steps,” said the founder Abhinav Girdhar.