Build A Safer and Stronger Community with Nextdoor App

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Local communities are no longer the same as they used to be. When I was a kid, none of my friends’ families locked house doors but for the night. We’d have community festivals, community markets, garage sales and give-aways; we’d celebrate Birthdays, national holidays and sing Christmas carols together. Those who had stuff to share supported those in need. We buried our dead together, and the support of the community made us stronger. It was not any religious community of Mormons, if that’s what you might have thought. It was just a regular American town like many others, and it was wonderful to have a childhood like mine, in a community where children were safe, and where any suspicious activity was spotted right on. What was so wrong with that, and how did it all rot into something we have now?

Many people still strive to keep their communities strong, supportive, united and safe. Modern world is an increasingly hostile environment, and now more than ever people need to keep their neighborhoods safe and friendly, for the sake of their personal and common good of the community. Luckily, technology can help them, and that is where Nextdoor app comes in.

You will have to create a new neighborhood, or join an already existing one. In case your neighborhood is not on Nextdoor’s impressive list of over 42 thousand communities in the U.S., you will have to register it. The new neighborhood registration process requires you sign up at least 10 neighbors within the following 21 days.

As you can see, the app is very personal and very private. In fact, many users compare it to Facebook, but for your neighborhood. Besides solving a variety of other issues, Nextdoor lets you get to know your neighbors in a fun, non-intrusive and friendly way without having to go down the road and knock on doors just to introduce yourself and break the ice, so even the shy can make real living friends instead of impersonal Twitter followers they will never meet.

Perks of Being Connected to Your Neighborhood

Neighbors can use this app for a variety of useful things eliminating the middle-man websites and services. The app works great for spreading important information across the neighborhood – burglary, assault, fire, you name it. Many local Police departments cooperate with the community of neighbors on crime prevention and organize crime watches, when neighbors work together to safeguard their areas.

Nextdoor helps people find their lost pets, organize garage sales, give-aways, or advertise their small family businesses.

Are you giving away a piece of old furniture? Post it on the classifieds section of Nextdoor and find someone who needs it. No man in the house, and you need a pair of strong hands and a hammer for an hour’s worth job? Find the right guy on the Nextdoor, and read what other people say about him before you hire him.

Looking for a babysitter? Can there be a more challenging task for a parent to find someone to entrust your child with? Have your community send you feedback and recommend trustworthy people. Need to find an affordable rental and would like to deal with the owner directly? See if the neighborhood is on Nextdoor and post your ad where home owners see it personally.

Nextdoor combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Craigslist and crime watch services in one, local, private and very personal app for your community.

Privacy Rules

Nextdoor is a very personal app where users feel safe to share their identities, phone numbers and photos of their children, that is why every neighbor must verify their address and sign in with their real names. The app uses secure HTTPS encrypted connection and does not share user data with advertisers. The information you share in Nextdoor does not show up on Google search result pages, which is also a plus for the safety. Finally, Nextdoor has its own Code of Conduct, suggesting every user treats his neighbors with respect, shares helpful information and be honest.

As of now, Nextdoor is U.S.-specific, but the developers plan to expand to English-speaking countries, with further expansion internationally. Already, they have talks with the Japanese authorities, so chances are we might see Nextdoor covering more countries.

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True Meaning of Socializing

In other words, the Nextdoor app successfully revives the spirit of strong local communities that cooperate, share and do stuff together. You can continue living in your own shell, fairly saying ‘Hello’ to your neighbors, or you can join the hyper-local community and discover the true meaning of being social.