BullGuard Internet Security: All-around protection package

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BullGuard Internet Security is an antivirus application that takes minimal resources to run yet offers the same if not more protection that many of its rivals in a bundle of features.

Installation & Requirements

Be sure to have an active internet connection as the installer will have to download some components off the internet. The installation might take a while depending on your computer and internet connection’s speeds. The supported operating systems are Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 and 8.


After the installation is done you will need to create new account right from the registration window, simply by entering an e-mail address and a password. After that you will be taken to the Welcome screen where you will be able to see all of the recent changes in BullGuard as well as get a glimpse of the features. When you have finished reading that just click on Done. The application will then proceed to download the latest virus definitions and update the database.

The application’s interface is divided into several smaller components, each showing its current status and a short description. If there are any issues with the program at all they will be displayed in both the module’s window and on the notification bar at the top. Certain actions like the scanning can be performed directly from the main interface window and most utilities can also be configured by clicking on the respective option from their drop down menus. More advanced configuration options can be found in the Settings tab where each tool can be individually configured and customized to suit your needs.

The scanning modes are a bit less conventional. When you initiate a scanning it will only open a small window displaying the current path that the application is going through. When the scanning is done you will be able to view the scanning log and the actions that the application took to clean the infected files. The default actions can be changed in the Settings menu. The Log Viewer is very comprehensive, showing you the exact details of whatever was found to be infected, the scanning parameters that you set before initiating it, information about your system and the product as well as a statistics tab regarding the particular scan. If you find the information overwhelming you can always click on the question mark at the top right corner which will open the product’s help webpage.

Apart from the scanning modes the application also offers a lot of extra utilities that offer you maximum security. You can enable each of the individual components without interacting with the others if you want. Furthermore, BullGuard offers a backup utility that is limited to 100MB in the trial version. Finally, the PC Tune Up utility will optimize your computer’s performance in the background via various tools that you can customize in your settings menu like cleaning the temporary files, deleting cookies and more.


-Neatly presented interface with clean visuals
-Very fast scanning process
-A ton of utilities at your disposal
-Every component can be fully customized




BullGuard Internet Security offers one of the most complete security packages in the market with a ton of features that add various protection layers. It requires minimum resources to run and operate and the customizable modules help it compete with the top antivirus contenders.