BurnAware Free: The easiest recipe to bake optical disks

The time of the floppy has been long gone but along with it so has the ease of use which unfortunately can’t really be found in today’s disk technology, regardless if we’re referring to CD/DVD or Blu-Ray. The reality of the matter is that we tend to make things slightly more complicated whenever we take a step forward in our technological development. Perhaps this is just a byproduct of having more possibilities at our disposal, which happens most of the times.

Nevertheless, sometimes we witness a phenomenon where we tend to overcomplicate things that should be all about practicality, and in this case we’re talking about the ability to write data on optical disks. Undeniably we now have huge amounts of storage at our disposal, compared to what we had in the floppy era but the question is, does the software has to be so complicated, or is it just a trend? Sure, there is the built-in disk burner that comes bundled with the Windows OS, but even if it benefits from a certain degree of user-friendliness, the reality is that it doesn’t always yield great results.

Not to worry because the answer to these questions has been answered by one particular piece of software called BurnAware Free, a disk burning utility that focuses mainly on high functionality and ease of access.

BurnAware Free

Installation & Requirements

There are many cases when decent or more than decent programs make a relatively bad impression or it disappoints at first glance, mainly because of the adware presence in the installation process. Unfortunately this is the case with BurnAware Free, as it will try to install an Ask toolbar, search engine and modify your homepage.

However this can be easily avoided by unchecking the boxes responsible for the Ask adware so we can overlook this shortcoming and pay attention to what the software is really about.

BurnAware Free is a freeware disk burning utility developed by Burnaware Technologies exclusively for the Windows platform. As far as system requirements go, the following versions of Windows are fully supported by the program: Win2000/Win2003/NT/XP/Vista/Win 7.


As stated before, BurnAware Free is all about simplicity, high functionality and as less headaches as possible, so in order to achieve this we are obviously witnessing a clean, minimalistic but perfectly functional user interface.

In a nutshell, BurnAware Free is absolutely perfect for those who merely wish to write data on a CD, DVD or even a Blu-Ray disk without having to spend extra time to search every function needed, in a jungle of options. The top menu is a simple and Windows Explorer inspired list from where you can access all of the program’s features. Right below lie two windows that allow selecting the optical drive and burning speed, continued with small icons for a few basic operations.

The main window displays all the files you added to be written on disk and under it you can view the number of files, disk size and free space remaining for the current project.

A strong asset of Burnaware Free is that each time you wish to burn a disk you will receive step-by-step guidance under the form of a wizard. This feature is useful for beginners as they don’t need to have any prior knowledge but also for advanced users because it provides all the settings eliminating the need to navigate to various menus and perform neccesary settings.

All things considered, BurnAware Free has a clean and neat-looking interface that makes disk burning a piece of cake for any kind of user.


– Lightweight and stable.

– Can burn any type of CD, DVD or Bluray disks and supports all current hardware interfaces.

– Supports burning CDs and DVDS to multiple drives simultaneously, even on different projects.


– Only for Windows.

– Adware-riddled install process.


The software industry for optical authoring is a rich market so if BurnAware Free is not your bag, there are plenty of other good disk burning utilities out there.

Such a program is ImgBurn, a free tool with burning capabilities similar to those of BurnAware Free but somewhat more suitable for advanced users. ImgBurn supports all Windows operating systems and you can benefit from it even if you are a Linux user as long as you use Wine.

Another greatly appreciated disk burning application is CDBurnerXP which is also free, bundled with all neccesary functions and a minimalistic fresh interface featuring drag & drop support. CDBurnerXP is also a Windows-based app, but unlike ImgBurn it runs on newer versions, starting from Windows 2000.


BurnAware Free might not be the only pebble on the beach, however it is a high-quality disk burning program that will most likely please you, especially when it comes to reliability, ease of use and functionality.