BySoft FreeRAM: Speed up your computer free and fast

A computer can easily be cluttered with so much data and so many applications that it can slowly lose its speed unless you are willing to format your operating system every now and then. However, BySoft FreeRAM promises to speed up your computer by eliminating anything that is not useful and all that for free.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is extremely fast and easy so you will complete it in no time. After it is done you will be taken to the product’s website and that’s it. The supported operating systems are Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and 8.


Everything is very presentable and you will have no trouble understanding what is going on. For some additional good news for people that like their retro software, you can easily change the look of the interface in the options menu through a variety of skins.

I the main interface window you can see information about your computer like your RAM, your memory, your CPU usage and the uptime of your system in real time which is quite helpful for this utility. The progress and chart graphs are very clean and should not confuse anyone.

The process of freeing your RAM is really quite simple. If you want to do it manually, simply click on the “Free ram” button and you will be presented with a dropdown list of multiple size choices that you can choose from. Simply click on any one of them and the program will do the rest.

You can also choose to automatically free your RAM in the options menu. If you do not really know what you are doing it is best to leave all the values to default but the more advanced users will appreciate the variety of options for when exactly the memory should be freed and in what amounts.


-A very clean interface with multiple skins that are aesthetically pleasing
-The whole process is extremely easy to use and requires little to no user input
-The real time progress of various stats and the wide array of options for freeing your RAM means that more advanced users can tinker with the application to their heart’s content


-The program would benefit from a few more options regarding the memory allocation


BySoft’s FreeRAM will please both parts of the technology crowd and everyone can get what they are looking for. Inexperienced users will find the fully automated process to be very convenient while the more experienced ones will love to tinker with the program to achieve optimum results.