Cakewalk is a fitness tracking app for iOS that will shame you on Twitter when you’re being lazy

Both iOS and Android app stores abound in fitness tracking apps that allow you to track your progress, but what if there’s not that much to keep track of? Us desk workers are professional procrastinators and the developers behind Cakewalk know it.

If nothing seems to make you get off your couch or to use your own two feet instead of the car all the time, perhaps a bit of public shaming can do the trick. Cakewalk can track the number of steps you make every day and send you a message each morning based on your progress.

Things won’t be too bad if you’ve been active, otherwise expect some pretty sarcastic comments that may just send the right message to your conscience. And wait….it gets worse! You can also set Cakewalk to shame you publicly on your Twitter account so your laziness will definitely not be a secret anymore.

Besides Cakewalk’s annoying character the app does bundle a fitness tracker’s features and it can even give you challenges. It also allows you to see your progress in a leaderboard along with your Twitter friends. Nothing like a bit of competition to make things….well….more competitive.

The Twitter shaming might seem a bit extreme, but it’s definitely worth a try if you’re not as active as you’d want but still lack the motivation to get up and move on a daily basis. What I can promise you is that transitioning towards an active lifestyle may be difficult at first but once you’re into it, you won’t be able to break the habit.

You can download Cakewalk for free from the App Store by visiting the link below. If you decide to try the app, come back to let us know how you liked it.

Download Cakewalk (iTunes App Store)