Chameleon Buttons Lite: Customize your windows

Chameleon Buttons Lite is a small utility that will let you customize your windows by infusing them with additional options apart from the default minimize, enlarge and close buttons.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very basic and fast so it should not cause confusion to anyone. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Windows Servers 2003 and beyond.


To activate the application you will first have to run it, either by the desktop shortcut or from the installation folder. When you start the application you will be able to open it again from the tray icon if you wish. The main interface window itself really is quite simple. All the checkboxes represent the different button options that the application offers so that you can mix them up to suit your needs.

Rolling your mouse over any of them will bring up two arrow icons. Clicking on them will move the buttons both on the main interface and every other window that they apply to. Keep in mind that any changes you make and settings you change will not apply until you hit the OK button so keep that in mind before thinking that something is wrong. Most of the buttons also have an additional setting that you can change on the spot like specifying the exact transparency rate of that specific button.

Keep in mind that not all windows will be customized with the buttons. Most application windows will remain the same, for example, but folder windows will immediately change to reflect the changes made by Chameleon Window Manager.

Apart from the main feature, the application also offers a basic Shutdown Manager that can be accessed by right clicking on the application’s tray icon. Choosing any of the shutdown options with parameters will take you to the settings window. There you can set a specific time for the shutdown to initiate or even set certain conditions that will have to be met like when your computer reaches a certain amount of CPU usage or when you close another program.


-Fast installation and a small file size
-Extremely easy to use
-Clean, neat looking interface
-A decent amount of customization options
-Shutdown manager is a welcome addition


-Support for a limited type of windows


If you are looking for something simple to spice up your windows then you should look no further. This free application might just have what you need in order to have just a little bit more control over your windows.