Chameleon Window Manager Lite: Customize all of your windows

Operating multiple windows can really be a chore and can even clutter the interface of your operating system so much that it becomes nigh unusable. Chameleon Window Manager Lite changes that by simply adding some more options regarding every window in the form of a toolbar.

Installation & Requirements

Although the installation window might seem different, it really is not. The custom installation just lets you activate the free license via an internet connection immediately and choose the folder you want the application installed in. The supported operating systems are Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8 in both 32 and 64 bit.


The first time you open the program you will need to decide if you want to add Chameleon-specific buttons to all available windows and whether or not you want to open a help file on how the application works. You can change all of that later in the settings menu so fret not. If you click yes, you will be taken to the “Button settings” screen where you can enable/disable all the buttons as well as see their icons and a short description on what they do. You can also edit most of the options like the default transparency or size of the windows. Save your settings and you are ready to use the program.

From now on, you can simply forget about the program as the options will appear on all of your windows except your custom ones. Otherwise, you can continue to edit whatever you want regarding the windows within the program’s very straightforward interface. In the Windows tab you can see all of your currently open windows with information on what program they come from as well as the set rule for them. Windows in purple indicate custom windows while all the others are simply black. Another interesting bit is the option to include Invisible windows which are usually behind-the-doors applications that help the ones you are currently operating so you should not worry about them.

In the Configuration tab you can add r remove buttons from all of your windows. If for example you find that you are missing something or that your windows toolbars have become too cluttered, this is the tab where you will edit everything in or out. The same kind of rules applies to the General rules tab where you can add buttons, customize the interface of the program and save your settings. The last tab is the Layouts one where you can view the currently existing windows layout as well as edit your own. Layouts are simply where you want the windows to go through the options toolbar.


-Inexperienced users will find the one time setup to be very convenient while more experienced users will appreciate the abundance of customization options available to them
-Intuitive interface with a very clean look that never confuses
-The window toolbar is very sleek in its design and you easily get used to it


-None that are worth mentioning


The premise of the application is as simple as your potential decision to install it. If you want more control over your windows or if you find yourself with a lot of windows open at any given time, Chameleon Window Manager Lite might be for you.