[How To] Change the DPI on Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 comes with many new features, and some of them are not too visible. It’s possible to change the DPI on Samsung Galaxy S8 which basically means you can customize the size of the content displayed on the screen.

While no root is needed to do this, DPI scaling is a setting hidden in the developer options, so it’s not accessible by default. Below, we’ll discuss how you can tweak the on-screen content and font size of your Galaxy S8 in a simple manner.

How to change the DPI on Samsung Galaxy S8

As I already mentioned, this setting is available in the developer options. This is a menu that’s not available by default and you must enable it first. To enable “Developer options” on your Galaxy S8 go to Settings -> About phone and tap on “Build number” seven times.

A toast message will appear saying “Developer mode has been turned on” so you’ll know if the operation was successful.

Now, you can return to the main screen of the Settings app and enter the “Developer options” category available at the bottom of the menu.

Enable the option at the top and tap OK on the warning prompt to continue. To change the DPI on Samsung Galaxy S8 tap on the “Minimum width” option.

The Galaxy S8 has a default value of 360 and the S8+ comes with the default value of 411. Lowering the value will enlarge the icons and text while higher values make all on-screen elements smaller.

A bit of experimenting is required to find your ideal DPI value but the changes are applied instantly so it shouldn’t take long for you to customize it.

Have you tried to modify your Galaxy S8’s DPI or you were happy with the default setting? Let us know in the comments section!

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