How To: Change the lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat

Third-party Android manufacturers have provided the ability for us to have different lock and home screen wallpapers for a while now. While this wasn’t possible on older versions of Android, the latest one finally gives us this possibility.

If you’d like to change the lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat you should know the process is extremely easy, but it’s only possible with the Google Now Launcher. This being the stock launcher on Nexus devices, it shouldn’t be a problem unless you opted for a third-party one.

How to change the lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat

Even if you have a different launcher as your daily driver, you don’t need to completely give up on it. Simply change the default launcher back to Google Now Launcher, follow the steps below to change your wallpapers and then switch back to your third-party launcher. The new wallpaper will remain applied even if you change the launcher after setting it.

Assuming your current default launcher is Google Now Launcher, long-press on the home screen to open the launcher’s options menu.

Change the lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat 1

Tap on “Wallpapers” to continue.

Set a different lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat

Now browse through the selection of wallpapers and find one you’d like to use or tap on “My photos” to add an image from the internal storage. After you’ve selected your wallpaper, tap on it and then tap once more on the “Set wallpaper” button located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Change lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat 3

A dialog box will ask if you want to set the wallpaper on the Home screen, Lock screen or both. For the purpose of this guide you should select “Lock screen” but you can use the same steps to change your Home screen wallpaper or use the same image on both home and lock screen.

After the wallpaper is applied you’ll be taken back to the home screen. Assuming you also want to change the home screen wallpaper you will need to follow the same steps and choose the “Home screen” option on the last dialog.

Once you’re happy with both of your wallpapers you can switch back to your preferred launcher (if you had to switch to Google Now Launcher) and enjoy your new and different home and lock screen wallpapers.

As you can see it’s exceptionally easy to change the lock screen wallpaper in Android Nougat, and you don’t need a rooted device or special tools for the purpose.

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