Change tint color for 3D Touch menus with 3DColorChanger tweak

Apple’s 3D Touch functionality is very easy to get used to since it provides quick access to useful app options, among other things. However, the 3D Touch home screen icons menus are not exactly customizable unless you happen to own a jailbroken device.

The new 3DColorChanger tweak lets you change tint color for 3D Touch menus in a simple manner. Until Apple devices to make the 3D Touch menus more customizable, we can enjoy small personalizations, such as the one offered by this free tweak.

How to change tint color for 3D Touch menus

You can download 3DColorChanger for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Once you install it you can head over to its Settings preferences pane to set up color options.

change tint color for 3D Touch menus

As you can see in the image above, the options provided by 3DColorChanger are very straightforward. Simply tap on “Choose a background color” and a color picker will pop up on screen.

From there, you can select the color and adjust its lightness, darkness, and even alpha levels.

You can adjust the color, the lightness or darkness of the color, and you can even set your own alpha levels to make the 3D Touch menus more or less pronounced when you open it. Adjusting alpha levels can make the 3D Touch menus look more vibrant and stand out.

Even if your devices doesn’t support 3D Touch, 3DColorChanger works if you have a tweak that ports the feature such as RevealMenu. 3DColorChanger works in this scenario as well, only proving how customizable an iOS device becomes once it’s jailbroken.

The tweak offers a simple way to change tint color for 3D Touch menus at no cost, which is to be appreciated. Let us know how you like 3DColorChanger if you decide to give it a try.

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