How To: Chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

Did you know you can chat with Google support from your Pixel phone? The new Pixel phones pack some powerful hardware and interesting exclusive features even if they’re not at the top of the list of high-end devices.

However, you might be having trouble with some settings and the information in the built-in guide is insufficient. Or your phone could have some hardware issues in which case specialized help seems like the best solution.

It is possible to chat with Google support from your Pixel phone because the Mountain View-based tech giant doesn’t have any retail stores and providing access to their support team directly from the phone is a convenient way to let you talk to a live human that can solve your issues.

How to chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

Assuming you already consulted the built-in guide and maybe even Google support pages and online forums only to have no solution for your problems, here’s how to get in touch with a support technician directly from your Pixel or Pixel XL device.

chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

Launch the Settings app and tap on the Support tab at the top of the screen. Consult the Help section first and if the answer is not there, tap on the ‘Chat’ option.

chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

On the following screen, you will need to fill in your chat request which is not mandatory but obviously recommended. As soon as you send the chat request you will be placed into a queue.

Getting a reply might take a while, during which you can go ahead and leave the support app and do something else on your phone, or even put it down. The Support app will alert you when a support staff member is available for chatting.

When the conversation begins it takes place like in practically any chat app.

Alternatively, you can select the ‘Phone’ option if you’d rather talk to someone from Google support. In this situation, the representative can remotely access your phone’s screen to fix a problem or take you through the necessary steps. After you press the Phone button you only need to enter the required info in the dedicated fields. Then, all you have left to do is wait to receive the call.

If the situation requires it, the support representative will send you a screen share request so he can see exactly what’s happening on your device.

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