Check battery wear level on iPhone with Battery Life app

Battery Life is a very useful App Store app that lets you check battery wear level on iPhone. The app was available for a while until Apple pulled it out from the App Store, but now it looks like the developer fixed the issues and got it back up again.

With Battery Life, you can check your device’s runtimes and it can also show you if your iPhone’s battery is working properly or it’s time to find a replacement. This is very useful, especially for devices older than 1 year, since with usage the battery capacity goes down.

Check battery wear level on iPhone

The app makes it very easy to check battery wear level on iPhone but it also provides advice if it’s time to get your battery replaced. According to the developer, Battery Life uses a unique method of detecting if your battery is defective.

Furthermore, the app comes with a Runtime section where you can see an estimated time of how long your iPhone will run based on its current charge and battery wear level and Apple’s own specifications.

The Runtime section shows detailed runtimes for talk time, standby, web browsing, as well as video and audio playback. The app is free and ad-based but you can remove the ads via a $0.99 IAP and you can get it from the App Store by visiting the link below.

Download Battery Life (iTunes)

What’s your iPhone’s current battery wear level?

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