How To: Check If Your Device Is Compatible With Android Wear

Android Wear is rapidly gaining traction, at least in tech community, and we have yet to see whether it can change the trend for wearables, which was not overly successful so far. However, Google’s Android Wear seems to have what it takes to make it to your wrist, so if you are considering a purchase, the first thing you need to do is check whether your Android device is compatible with the wearable gadget.

The check up is pretty simple and all you have to do is:

  1. See what version of Android is your device, because Android Wear requires anything above Android 4.3. Go to Settings and scroll down to About Phone, scroll down again and see Android Version.
  2. Another fast way to check if your device is compatible with Android Wear is to navigate to this little nifty website crafted by Google from your phone’s browser. It will check your device automatically and give you Green if your device is Android Wear compatible, or red if it’s not.

That is as simple as that, and if you know your OS version you don’t even need to run the Android Wear check. Let us know if you are already using or planning on buying a wearable, and if yes, which brand and are you happy with it in the comments below.