How To: Check your iPhone’s battery life from your Apple Watch

You can easily check the battery life of your Apple Watch on the iPhone as this is a stock iOS feature. However, it’s not the same if you’d want to view your iPhone’s battery level on your wrist.

Not to say it is impossible, but it’s not a built-in feature of the iWatch. I must admit, I actually expected to see this feature built into the watchOS since the whole purpose of the Apple Watch is to let you see everything important that’s going on your iPhone (and battery level is definitely in that category) without actually using the phone.

The good news is, there are several apps available on iTunes with this capability, although for the purpose of this guide we’ll be using Power.

Power Apple Watch app 3

The app costs $1.99 but its simplicity and clean UI make it worth the price, as you’ll be able to quickly check your iPhone’s battery life on your wrist, whenever you find it too inconvenient to pull the phone out of your pocket, handbag…..etc.

Here’s how to setup and use the Power app:

Install Power (iTunes)
  • After you install Power, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Select Power in the list of apps.
  • Now toggle on both ‘Show in Glances‘ and ‘Show App on Apple Watch‘ options.
  • Then you can optionally return to the Glances screen and reposition Power in the list.

Power app on the Apple Watch

From then on, you’ll be able to access Power in your Apple Watch glances, while the app can be launched from the home screen of your iWatch.

Also, you’ll need to open Power on the iPhone at least one time as this way you can enable notifications in the app. This option can be very useful as Power will alert you when your iPhone is fully charged.

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