How To: Check your RAM for any issues

The RAM is a very important component to your computer but it can also be very volatile. Everything might seem fine and then suddenly it will start experiencing issues that will not even let you operate your computer. If you are having sudden issues with your computer, especially if it suddenly shuts down and displaying a Blue Screen of Death, then you should definitely check your RAM for any errors.

Fortunately, Windows makes it easy on anyone to check the RAM for errors and you will not need to actually crack the case of your computer. Instead, the operating system offers a utility called Memory Diagnostics Tool that will scan your RAMs for any error and automatically fix some of those problems. Enabling the tool is very easy. First of all, press the Windows key + R, type in mdsched and hit Enter. A window with two options will appear. If you want to restart and check your computer immediately, choose the option above. If you want to do it later, choose the option below.


Whichever of these options you choose matters not. The next time your computer gets restarted it will stop before booting Windows in order to search for errors in the memory. You can enter the advanced settings menu by pressing F1. The scanning might take some time so just sit back and wait for it to finish. Once it finishes, will let Windows boot up normally and will display a notification box in the system tray so that you can see if something is wrong and whether you will need to replace your RAM or not.