How To: Check the status of Apple services (iCloud, Apple Music, iMessage…etc.)

Apple’s iCloud, stores and numerous services are reliable for most of the time, thus extremely useful for making your iOS and Apple devices fully functional. Sadly, this goes the other way around: when you rely on one of these services for an important task, it’s just as important to find out why it’s not working, if such is the case.

Sure, there’s always a chance the problem is on your end, but you can, at least, start the troubleshooting process by checking if the Apple service you are unable to us is actually working. This way, you won’t panic for no reason, thinking your device or Wi-Fi connection is at fault.

How to verify if Apple services are up or down

You can easily find out the status of any Apple service, as the company provides an overview board showing this information. Here’s how you can do it:

Visit the link below in a web browser (it can be any browser on any platform):

Official Apple Support System Status Page

Apple Support System Status Page

All of Apple’s services are listed on this page – the App Store, iTunes, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, iMessage, Radio, Photos and so on.  All you have left to do is to locate the one you’re interested in. In the image above all the services are marked with green, so they are up and running.

Nevertheless, if you see red, yellow or orange next to a service’s name it is either disrupted, down or not working as intended, so if you’re experiencing any problems with it, you can rest assured it’s not your fault.

On the other hand, if the service you’re having problems with is displayed as running yet it still doesn’t work properly for you, it’s a strong indicator something might be wrong with your device and/or Internet connection.

If basic solutions like rebooting the device, disconnecting/reconnecting to the Internet service, rebooting the router, and checking to see if your Internet connection works on other devices, you might need to dig a little deeper or even call tech support.

Nevertheless, checking services status on the Apple System Status page can be very useful – as it is the first step to finding out if the problem originates on Apple’s servers or not.

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