Classic WoW Alchemy Leveling Guide 1-300

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to level your Alchemy profession in WoW Classic to 300 using a fixed number of materials. The materials can be gathered by you, from other players or bought from the Auction House at decent prices. If you’re starting fresh, we recommend picking Herbalism and another gathering profession, to make gold for your mounts and train your spells. In the end-game, you can abandon the second gathering profession and pick up Alchemy. We also recommend visiting our WoW Classic Master Guide for all the professions guides, leveling, farming guides and class builds.

Alchemy Trainers

It’s very important that you do NOT forget to train Alchemy each time you’re near or at the level cap otherwise, you’ll lose materials basically for nothing. We will add the next Alchemy training step when you’ll reach the cap, just to be safe. Expert Alchemy trainers can be found in Darnassus (Ainethil is the Alliance trainer) and Undercity, by the Horde trainer Doctor Herbert Halsey. Artisan Alchemist trainers are Rogvar in Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows for Horde and Kylanna Windwhisper in Feathermoon Stronghold, Feralas for Alliance.

What materials do we need for leveling Alchemy?

Fast Level Alchemy to 300

Levels 1-60

66 x Silverleaf + 66 x Peacebloom = 66 x Minor Healing Potion
Learn Journeyman Alchemist

Levels 60-110

66 x Minor Healing Potion + 66 x Briarthorn = 66 x Lesser Healing Potion
Learn Expert Alchemist

Levels 110-140

32 x Bruiseweed + 32 x Briarthorn = 32 x Healing Potion

Levels 140-155

23 x Stranglekelp + 23 x Mageroyal = 23 x Lesser Mana Potion

Levels 155-185

32 x Liferoot + 32 x Kingsblood = 32 x Greater Healing Potion

Levels 185-210

28 x Goldthorn + 28 x Stranglekelp = 28 x Elixir of Agility

Learn Artisan Alchemist. The Alchemy trainers for Artisan are Kylanna Windwhisper (Alliance) and Rogvar (Horde).

Levels 210-215

5 x Wild Steelbloom + 5 x Goldthorn = 5 x Elixir of Greater Defense

Levels 215-230

15 x Sungrass + 15 x Khadgar’s Whisker = 15 x Superior Healing Potion

Levels 230-250

21 x Arthas’ Tears = 21 x Elixir of Detect Undead

Levels 250-265

19 x Sungrass + 19 Goldthorn = 19 x Elixir of Greater Agility

Levels 265-285

42 x Sungrass + 42 Blindweed = 21 x Superior Mana Potion
Buy Recipe: Superior Mana Potion. This recipe is being sold by Ulthir (Alliance) and Algernon (Horde)

Levels 285-300

34 x Golden Sansam + 17 x Mountain Silversage = 17 x Major Healing Potion
Buy Recipe: Major Healing Potion, sold by Evie Whirlbrew.

And there it is, you reached Alchemy level 300, congratulations.