Classic WoW Blacksmithing Leveling Guide 1-300

Blacksmithing in Classic WoW is one of the most profitable crafting professions but at the same time, probably one of the most sought-off and expensive ones. Using this guide, you’ll get your Blacksmithing level to 300 in no time. We strongly advise that you pick Mining if you plan on leveling Blacksmithing since you’ll need a lot of materials in the process. However, if you’re starting fresh, some players pick 2 gathering professions to get gold faster and get that epic mount when they reach level 60. Once you get to 60, you can dump the other crafting profession and get Blacksmithing.

his guide focuses on the fastest route to get to level 300 and evidently, this may not be the cheapest way since it means you have to buy some materials from other players or the Auction House. We also recommend visiting our WoW Classic Master Guide for all the professions guides, leveling, farming guides and class builds.

BiS Blacksmithing Items

It’s also worth noting that some Blacksmithing items are BiS (Best in Slot) for certain classes such as Paladin, Warrior or Shaman. Sulfuron Hammer which is needed for the legendary Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros is one of the sought-off weapons in the game and one of the hardest to get. Lionheart Helm and Titanic Leggings are also 2 armor pieces that are exclusive to Blacksmithing and their recipes Plans: Lionheart Helm and Plans: Titanic Leggings respectively.

Blacksmithing Trainers

It’s very important you train your Blacksmithing constantly after reaching the caps, to avoid wasting materials and to get new recipes. That being said, you can always ask a city guard for directions to your local Blacksmithing Trainer. That being

Alliance trainers:

Horde trainers:

It’s also worth noting there’s also a neutral BS Trainer named Brikk Keencraft (Master Blacksmith) in Strangletorn Valley.

Materials needed for BS

We’ve added slightly more materials to the table since mats like Coarse Grinding Stone can help you level in case there’s a shortage of other mats you need. Note that Grinding Stones should NOT be sold to the AH or vendor since they are needed for many Blacksmithing recipes.

Leveling Blacksmith from 1 to 300

Levels 1 – 75

35 x Rough Stone = 35 x Rough Sharpening Stone
110 x Rough Stone = 55 x Rough Grinding Stone
25 x Coarse Stone = 25 x Coarse Sharpening Stone

Levels 75 – 125

80 x Coarse Stone = 40 x Coarse Grinding Stone
180 x Copper Bar = 18 x Runed Copper Belt
75 x Bronze Bar + 15 x Coarse Grinding Stones = 15 x Rough Bronze Leggings

Levels 125 – 200

150 x Heavy Stone = 50 x Heavy Grinding Stone
50 x Bronze Bar + 20 x Coarse Grinding Stone = 10 x Patterned Bronze Bracers
5 x Gold Bar + 10 x Coarse Grinding Stone = 5 x Golden Rod
80 x Iron Bar + 10 x Heavy Grinding Stone + 10 x Green Dye = 10 x Green Iron Leggings
150 x Iron Bar + 25 x Green Dye = 25 x Green Iron Bracers
50 x Steel Bar + 20 Heavy Grinding Stone = 10 x Golden Scale Bracers

Levels 200 – 300

120 x Solid Stone = 30 x Solid Grinding Stone
90 x Mithril Bar + 60 x Mageweave Cloth = 15 x Heavy Mithril Gauntlet
140 x Steel Bar + 10 x Solid Grinding Stone = 10 x Steel Plate Helm
150 x Mithril Bar + 90 x Mageweave Cloth = 15 x Mithril Coif
20 x Dense Stone = 20 x Dense Sharpening Stone
300 x Thorium Bar + 100 x Blue Power Crystal = 25 x Thorium Bracers
240 x Thorium Bar + 20 x Star Ruby = 20 x Thorium Helm

And voila, your Blacksmith level is now 300, congratulations. As a tip, it’s better to hunt the mats needed in this guide at the AH, many players will sell these pretty cheap, so it’s best to have an alt stationed at the AH and check the prices regularly.