Classic WoW Mining Leveling Guide 1-300

Mining is a gathering profession in Classic WoW that allows the player to farm for ores by mining nodes. Mining is one of the most profitable professions to have since ores are used by both Blacksmithing and Engineering. In this mining leveling guide, we’ll highlight the best zones to mine and increase your Mining level to 300.

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Mining Trainers

Horde Trainers

Alliance Trainers

Neutral Trainers

Mining Leveling Tips

  • Don’t forget to buy a Mining Pick from the Mining Supply vendor when you learn Mining. You don’t have to equip it, just hold it in your inventory
  • All starter zones have Copper Veins which provide Copper Ore
  • Invest in a backpack early on even if it hurts the wallet. Having more inventory space the best thing you can do
  • Ore veins are usually found near and on mountains, inside caves and quarries. Don’t look for mines on the plains

Leveling Mining to 300

Use the highlighted line as a farming route. The nodes are usually along the sides of the mountains, if you follow the drawn line, you’ll get a good mining route. Keep in mind there are a lot of caves, you can find mining nodes inside as well.

Levels 1 – 65

Alliance (Elwynn Forest, Darkshore and Dun Morogh)

Horde (Durotar, Mulgore and Tirisfal Glades)

Levels 65 – 125

The ore veins in these areas are Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Tin Ore

The Barrens, Westfall, Redridge Mountains

Levels 125 – 175

The ore veins in these zones are Tin Ore, Gold Ore and Iron Ore. Keep in mind that at level 155 you can smelt Gold Ore. You can get to around 175 just by smelting Gold, if you don’t have enough you can buy 30-40 Gold Ore from the AH.

Arathi Highlands, Thousand Needles

Levels 175 – 250

The Ores in these zones are Truesilver Ore and Mithril Ore. You can get to 245 by smelting Truesilver Ore, again, if you don’t have enough, you can buy some from the AH.

Tanaris, The Hinterlands

Levels 250 – 300

You can mine Felwood and Blasted Lands until 275-280

To raise Mining to 300 you can farm Un’Goro Crater or Burning Steppes. If you want to combine mining with a little bit of gold farming, check our gold making guide and see how you can farm Un’Goro more effectively.

Congratulations, you now have level 300 Mining. If you want to keep farming after 300, we recommend Burning Steppes for Mithril Ore and Thorium Ore.