CleanSkinFX: Automatic retouch for portraits

Everyone has had at least one picture where their skin was not up to par. Not everyone is a photo-editing expert though so CleanSkinFX’s automatic cleanup tools for portraits are there to help without any charges.

Installation & Requirements

The old-school installation is very basic and complies with the fact that the program was originally designed for very old Windows versions. As such, the program is compatible with pretty much every Windows version starting from 95 and has the lowest requirements you could possibly find.


The entire program is so simple to use that the whole interface is contained within a single window. No options menu is present and the configuration options are limited to two single settings. The program is divided into two spaces, one for the original picture and one for the output image that has been processed by the application.

Drag and drop is fully supported but users can also click on the Load button in order to boot an image and test the capabilities of the program. The first picture I entered was not really a close-up and the program had trouble fixing some parts of the face. The second one that you can see in this article worked wonders with the program removing every part of the face that was not completely smooth. This included freckles so whether or not that is a good thing is up to the user to decide.

The cool thing about the program is just how easy it is to use. The processing takes a mere couple of seconds and produces quite cool results for what it is. When I saw that the installation was less than a megabyte in size I was immediately curious to see what the program could accomplish and I have to say it is very neat. The two options provided by the program are also a thoughtful touch although you could do entirely without them most of the time and they would not be missed.

As you have probably understood by now, this is not a program for advanced users or those that want to have control over what happens in a picture. Those looking for a feature-rich application will be immediately disappointed and that is absolutely fine as they are not the target crowd of this application. It never hides its purpose and has no qualms about being so basic because it likes doing everything automatically for users that would otherwise be unable to edit their pictures manually.


-Incredibly fast and small
-Works brilliantly most of the time
-Provides inexperienced users with the ability to fix their portraits quickly


-Very basic
-Only two configuration options


If you regularly take portraits, including selfies, and are looking for a way to quickly and easily retouch the details of your face, you are going to love CleanSkinFX. The program does not cater to a wide audience but that means its niche crowd will be very happy with the way it works.