Clipboard Actions for Android can upgrade Copy & Paste functions to the next level

Android Marshmallow introduced some improvements to text selection and copy/paste options but in this department more functionality is still needed. Even more for older OS versions, which truth be told represent the vast majority of Android devices.

Clipboard Actions is a new Android app that adds a bunch of useful features to Android’s clipboard so any time you copy a piece of text a notification will popup offering various quick actions. These include the ability to open up a Google search using the selected text, open link (if the text is an URL), call a number, show on map (for addresses), translate via Google Translate, email to and others.

Download Clipboard Actions (Google Play)

Once you install the app from the link above (it’s free by the way), and open it, you’ll be able to tweak its settings.

The one setting you absolutely need enabled is the “Clipboard Service” option so make sure that it’s toggled on. The options you get via the notification that’s displayed when you copy some text can be enabled/disabled as you need them.

If you know you won’t be using some of actions at all, you can disable them, although leaving them all active is best, because the app only displays only those which are relevant to your copied text. However, there are a few other options you might need to take a look at, including the default translate language if you plan on using this action.

Clipboard Actions - Actions menu

When you finish tweaking the settings, the notification offering actions related to the text in your clipboard will pop up every time you hit the Copy button for a portion of highlighted text.

The displayed actions depend on the context so you won’t be seeing the “Call” option if your text doesn’t contain a phone number, for example. Furthermore, the app detects important keywords included in the copied text and offers related actions.

If you need more functionality for your text selection and copy/paste functions, Clipboard Actions will surely come in handy. As you can see, the actions menu is customizable and context aware is it will always be populated with relevant options. And if you’re not sure whether Clipboard Actions is right for you or not, go ahead and try it – it’s absolutely free and it shows 0 ads so you have nothing to lose.

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