Clock O’Matic: A versatile Windows Phone time app with an Android 5.0 Lollipop flavor

    Time apps represent an essential need for most smartphone users, although this is a generic term encompassing the myriad ways you can use time, from stopwatches and timers to alarms and the classic clock. Clock O’Matic is a free time app that just popped up in Windows Store and bundles essential time tools under a clean and stylish Android 5.0 Lollipop themed layout.

    I’ve been using Live Tile Clock for the past couple of months simply because the minuscule default time display wasn’t enough for me. However, this app can’t do anything else besides adding a clock tile to the Start Screen. Clock O’Matic can do the same (even if it doesn’t give you a collection of clock faces to choose from) and so much more.

    Clock O'Matic Alarms

    The app has a built-in clock showing your local current time as well as a world clock (simply scroll through the given list and add the current time for any time zone to the app’s home screen). Clock O’ Matic also comes with a built-in alarm tool that offers essential options (similar to WP’s default Alarm app). Sure, it’s nothing like Gentle Alarm Clock but it does the job if you only need the basics.

    Clock O'Matic Stopwatch

    A friendly countdown timer and a stopwatch are included within the app to complete the time tools collection.  I really liked the fact that the stopwatch results are saved as plain text which makes them very easy to share. Also, from the app’s settings you can configure the stopwatch to show the time up to milliseconds.

    There are several ways to customize the app’s background, including an animated option and you can set the clock to be displayed in digital or analog format.

    Anyone that likes the clock experience offered by Android 5.0 Lollipop will probably like Clock O’Matic’s interface, but I think it also blends well into WP’s clean graphic style. If you’ve been looking for a friendly, no-fuss, multifunctional time app you should definitely try out Clock O’Matic. As it happens, it’s also add-free and there are no in-app purchases.

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