ClockGen: Easily overclock your hardware

When the hardware specifications for a computer are simply not enough anymore, a lot of people tend to overclock various parts which can be a tedious and hard process. ClockGen offers overclocking with a simple standalone program.

Installation & Requirements

There is no setup process for ClockGen. Simply download and extract the files anywhere you want and run the program’s executable file. The application is guaranteed to work through Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


From the minute you will start the application for the first time you will notice that it is not designed with inexperienced users in mind. That should be obvious to anyone who has researched overclocking a little bit. Overclocking can be very dangerous in the wrong hands as the user must know various software and hardware limitations and configurations otherwise there is a very high risk of permanently damaging the hardware of your computer. As such, it is not recommended for anyone that is not above average in technology information or is not willing to take the time and effort required to properly research overclocking.

The first tab of the program is called Clocks. There you will find information about various hardware parts like the CPU, FSB and RAM. The PLL Setup tab is where the overclocking happens. You will have to choose your motherboard’s PLL system from the dropdown list. You can easily find such information about your motherboard online or in the hardware manual that comes with it. After that you can also mess around the various Hex and Binary Values of the IC Dump but exercise caution.

When you are done with your settings you can keep track of the PLL information in the PLL Control tab of the main interface window. Digging around and changing the settings is very easy but if you are unsure on the results of any given setting you should really leave it at the default or seek help from professionals before moving on with any important change that can damage your hardware.


-No installation and a very small file size
-Overclocking by a few simple clicks if you already know information about your hardware instead of messing around in the BIOS settings
-Advanced users will have no problem identifying the technological vocabulary


-Inexperienced users and amateurs in the overclocking scene can really cause a lot more harm than good if they are not careful with the way they use ClockGen


If you actually know your stuff and you wish there was an easy way to overclock your hardware through a simple application, then ClockGen can offer you what you have been looking for. However, if you are inexperienced you should really stay away from it otherwise you risk seriously damaging your computer.