ClocX: A personalized clock

ClocX is a free application that will install an analog-like clock in our computer that is fully customizable in every regards with hundreds of different skins to choose from and a lot of settings to configure.

Installation & Requirements

The setup will give you the option of choosing an installation folder and the ability to create Start menu and Desktop shortcuts. It should also complete very fast. The supported operating systems for the latest version of the program are Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7 and 8. Previous versions also support Windows 98 and later.


When you open the program for the first time, the clock will appear in a random position in your screen. You can then drag and drop it anywhere you want and it will stay there. When you right click on it you will see the various options available, both for the customization of the clock itself and the extra utilities that the program offers like the alarms and the calendar.

When you click on Options you will get the configuration window. In the General tab you will be able to configure some very basic appearance settings like the transparency as well as modify the behavior of the clock’s interface. You can set it to always stay on top, pin it in the desktop, make the interface click-through and make the window unmovable. You can also set the program to start with Windows and set its system priority so that it takes minimal resources.

The Appearance tab is the next stop. The amount of available skins is truly overwhelming and you will definitely find something to suit your needs. There are hundreds of different skins to choose from, some representing regular clocks while others are inspired by popular media like music, TV and video games. In this tab you can also choose some style options like showing the date, the seconds and zooming the interface. The Time Zones tab will let you choose a different time zone if you want the clock to display something else than the local time. Finally, the Plugins will give you additional features but only one of them is offered with the application.

Two other utilities are offered with the program, the calendar and the alarms. The calendar is an exact copy of the Windows calendar so it just tells you the date. The alarms feature is far more interesting as it can act as a task scheduler. Simply pick a date and frequency and then choose one of the available tasks. You can set the program to display a message, play an audio or video file, execute another application or shut your PC down.


-Fast installation
-Fully customizable interface with a ton of skins to choose from
-The alarms tool is very useful


-None that would be worth mentioning


ClocX is definitely one of the best clock-related programs out there. With a fully customizable interface and the extra utilities, this is the clock application to go for if you are looking for something more than a mere clock.