CloneMaster: Accurate detection and removal of duplicate files

As HDDs are getting bigger and bigger we also tend to keep all sorts of data, usually not too well organized. This can also result in having a large number of duplicate files and/or folders that make it even harder to browse stored data, on top of the additional space they occupy.

CloneMaster is a powerful duplicate remover that uses byte-by-byte comparison to find true duplicates. It doesn’t rely on comparing filename, date, time and other attributes that are not 100% reliable. Moreover, it can find empty (zero-byte) files and folders.

Installation & Requirements

CloneMaster’s installation is pretty much the current standard: the usual selection of the destination folder, Start Menu folder and desktop shortcut are present. By default, CloneMaster opens up the About page which displays information about the program’s capabilities and how to get started.

CloneMaster doesn’t have any hardware requirements and works on all 32 and 64-bit versions of windows XP, Vista and 7.


CloneMaster’s layout is very simple and straightforward and the main menu is located at the top of the interface. Scan Settings, Duplicate Files, Zero Byte Files and Empty Folders are the menu’s categories.

The Scan Settings window displays a tree view of the computer’s folders allowing the user to select the ones to be scanned for duplicates. Information on how to use the scan settings is displayed at the top of the window. Basically one can choose to include/exclude specific file formats and save these settings as a preset. Additional settings include the options of scanning hidden files & folders as well as scanning only for empty folders.

Duplicate Files displays found duplicates after the scan process is complete. Duplicates are grouped in folders and their default order is by size. You have the option of expanding all the folders to see all of the duplicates they contain as well as collapse them. Demanding users can even set up selection filters such as selecting only duplicates from a specific drive. The list can also be saved for later analysis or deleted.

Zero Byte Files and Empty Folders list empty files and folders, respectively. These can also be deleted but the program warns about deleting files/folders that are currently empty but may be used by some programs or the operating system. Just to be on the safe side, make sure to avoid scanning the “Windows” folder, Program Files folder and other system folders.

The “About” button takes you back the default start page of the program. On the sidebar there are more pages that show a brief presentation of the developers (Home Page), send the user to the online official website for ordering a license (Online Order); display a list of contact e-mails (E-Mail), allow the user to check for program updates (Updates) and register the copy of the purchased product (Register).


– Simple and effortless installation.

– Intuitive interface with customizable scan settings.

– Found duplicates can be selected according to user-defined filters.

– Capable of finding empty files and folders.

– Information is available on every screen to guide the users.


– No help file is available.



– DupKiller

– Duplicate Cleaner Pro


CloneMaster is definitely a reliable duplicate file finder and fairly easy to use despite the lack of a help file. The program is not free but the unregistered version has full capabilities except mass delete so you can use it with this limitation as long as you don’t mind it or at least take your time testing it.