CometBird: A free and fast browser

CometBird is a completely free browser based on the Mozilla Firefox browser. It adds features to the popular browser while retaining the best ones like the speed.

Installation & Requirements

The installation for the browser should be extremely fast. Be sure to choose the custom installation path if you do not want to set the browser as your default one. CometBird should support all versions of Windows from 2000 and later.


Even before you start the browser, you will start noticing how similar it is to Firefox. Even the logo of the browser follows the same pattern as its inspiration. After you actually get into the browser, any doubt will be removed. The interface is almost exactly the same as Firefox which can be both a good and a bad thing. Firefox users will probably appreciate the fact that they can become familiar with the interface in no time but users that do not like Firefox might be disappointed.

Nevertheless, looks are not everything and the application has more to offer than that. When you start the browser it will automatically open two tabs, the CometBird website and a custom Search tab. That second tab is quite the neat addition as it is not a simple custom Google page. It also provides quick links to a huge number of popular websites like YouTube, Yahoo, Gmail and more. Of course, you can change the opening tabs through the program’s settings.

With so many similarities to Firefox, CometBird could not come clean unless it provided some unique and interesting features. Thankfully, it delivers enough on that front to make it interesting at least. First of all, you can install pretty much any add-ion that you can find in Firefox since the browsers use an identical engine. Other than that, CometBird has some built-in features that a lot of browsers miss.

The first is the ability to instantly download any video you are currently watching. Simply right click on a video and you will get the option to download it. The process is very simple and it is quite curious that the developers have gotten away with it. The other interesting feature of the program is the ability to store your bookmarks in the cloud. That means that you can access them at any point from any device. Although Chrome has now implemented the service as well, it is quite nice to see a smaller browser being able to use that functionality with no problems at all.


-Fast installation
-Very fast browsing
-The ability to install a ton of add-ons
-Some neat integrated features


-Too similar to Firefox


If you are a Firefox fan that wants to try something slightly different, then CometBird will be right up your alley. The browser is too similar to Firefox in a lot of regards but it offers a lot of unique things to at least warrant a try.