Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite: Fully customizable virtual keyboard

Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite is an on-screen keyboard utility that can help anyone who has trouble using a physical keyboard or people that use touchscreen devices and want something to spice up their old virtual keyboards. The application’s trial is fully functional for the evaluation period.

Installation & Requirements

After choosing a language for the application, you will get various options like creating desktop and Start shortcuts. No issue should arise during the installation and you can choose to launch the program immediately after the setup is over. The program supports all versions of Windows from 2000 and later.


One thing that becomes immediately apparent when looking at the On-Screen Keyboard window for the first time is that it can truly replace the traditional keyboard if you are up to the task. Every key you would want plus a few more can be found on this keyboard and it is indeed fully customizable. Although the Pro version offers even more personalization features, the Lite version also has tons of customizable items that are available to configure.

It is reasonable then that we would talk about the amazing Options menu. This can be accessed by right clicking the system tray icon or by right clicking on the screen keyboard itself. Once you are, you will quickly realize the extent of the customization. You can change the theme, the sounds, the font, set a background picture, alter the transparency and more. Apart from all the visual things you can set for the app, you can also configure the way it works to suit your own needs. Just to give a few examples, you can set the spacebar to insert a period and a space if you double click-touch on it and you can also set the program to automatically put spaces after punctuation marks.

What is more, the keyboard can be used pretty much anywhere. It has native support for a huge number of applications, including every browser and other programs like Photoshop. Of course, you can customize it to work with other applications as well or block it from being used in specific apps. This gives you an incredible amount of flexibility, especially depending on what you want to do. You can use the on-screen keyboard to surf the web but use your physical one to chat in your favorite programs for example. It also helps that you can just minimize the keyboard to the right side of your screen with a single click on the keyboard icon. You can then bring it up whenever you need it and always have it available without it obstructing your view.


-Customizable down its very foundation
-Typing is very efficient
-Extremely easy to configure and use
-Support for a huge number of apps


-Lite version misses some features


Do not look any further than Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite if you are looking for a virtual keyboard and are willing to pay for a superb product. The functionality and personalization it offers is top notch and it truly grows on you over time.