ComicRack: A comic and manga reader and manager

ComicRack is one of the most popular applications for comics and manga reading on Windows. The free program comes with a load of features that can truly enhance your reading experience.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is simple, fast and provides you with a lot of customization options like language packs and additional images, icons and textures for ComicRack. Depending on your firewall settings, you might need to allow the program through it. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The program is also offered in Android and iOS versions.


The first window you will be greeted with is the News window. It will pop up every time you open ComicRack unless you uncheck the respective option. After that you can view the main interface window where everything happens. The interface is very clean and can change with a few simple clicks. The user guide is displayed in the same mode as the comics do so you might want to give it a read for both its detailed information and to get the gist of how the default options are.

The incredible thing about ComicRack is that everything is customizable. Like in reading an actual comic book, everyone is different. You might want to view yours in full screen mode, double pages, originally sized and whatever else you can think of. Everything can be easily personalized from the settings menu to fit to your own reading needs and wants. You can even enable auto scrolling for leisure reading or if you simply want to lie down and read your comics from afar with no other physical input required from you. Simply right click on the image to get all the options available.

Clicking on the image will also enable or disable the minimal user interface. When it is disabled you will notice three tabs in the bottom of the window, namely Libraries, Folders and Pages. In the first tab, you can organize your comics’ library in the existing categories or add some of your own. The second one is for browsing your computer and finding your comics and the last one is for viewing information about the comic or manga you are currently viewing. You can view and edit each page separately as well as check in what part of the comic they are located in.

The user guide explains all of that and even more with its very visual interface that will show you things inside the application as you use it. It is extremely helpful and anyone using the application for the first time will find a lot to like in it that you might have not known like the fact that ComicRack provides a PDF to CBR converter that is integrated in the application.


-Very helpful visual user guide that gives detailed information about each and every aspect of the application
-An abundance of customization options for the needs of every reader
-The Library really helps in organizing the comics
-A lot of extra utilities that help shape the product


-None that would be worth mentioning


ComicRack is widely regarded as the most complete comic and manga reader application on the market, and for good reason. With all of the customization options and the extra tools it provides, it will truly satisfy even the most demanding users and will help shed a light into the huge world of eComics.