How To: Configure Quiet Hours in Windows 8.1

Quiet Hours is one of the newly implemented features of Windows 8.1, which allows you to set a daily time interval when you don’t want to be interrupted by notifications from Windows apps. This can be a very useful feature, whether you want to focus on your work, for studying or when you simply want to relax without being bothered by notifications.

1. Open up PC Settings. A quick way to do that is by opening up the Settings Charm (Win + I) and selecting “Change PC settings”.  Click/tap on Search and apps.

PC Settings - Search and Apps

2. Click/Tap on Notifications. Here you can configure how Metro Apps show notifications and change the settings for Quiet Hours in the dedicated section.

Search and Apps - Notifications

3. In the Quiet Hours section the first thing you can do is turn this feature on/off. Next, you can set up the time interval for the Quiet Hours.

Quiet Hours

Notice, you cannot set up multiple daily intervals or create multiple profiles based on the day of the week. At least not for now, but hopefully we’ll see these options in a future Windows 8 update. Until then, we’re stuck with the basic option of just one daily time interval.

Last, but not least you have the possibility of turning on/off the “Receive calls during quiet hours” feature. When it’s enabled, this feature will not allow any notifications from any app that can be used to take calls (such as Skype), during the quiet hours.