How To: Configure the Types of Apps Shown in the Windows Store

All of you will notice that the updated version of the Windows Store is more organized than it was back in Windows 8. Furthermore, you can browse through the Store and find the apps that interest very easily. On top of that, the updated platform provides you with detailed information for each application.

Another great feature of the Windows Store is the fact that it allows you to decide which types of apps should display or not, according to your preferences. You can do this by using the Settings charm on your Windows 8.1 device. Let’s find out how it works.

Open the Windows Store Preferences

  • Go to the bottom or top right corner of the screen and move your cursor up or down, in order to open up the Charms bar. Alternatively, swipe from the right edge of the screen to its centre.
  • After this, select the Settings charm.

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  • In the window of the Settings charm click or tap the Preferences link.


  • Once you do this, the Preferences window will display.


The Available Settings in the Preferences window.

In the Preferences window you will notice three switches. Each of them refer to a particular setting. The three switches are:

  1. Make it easier to find apps in my preferred languages: If you turn on this switch, the Windows Store will only display apps, which support the language that is configured on your PC or device. Note that you can see the supported languages of an app in the Details section of its page.
  2. Make it easier to find apps that include accessibility features: With this setting the Windows Store will only show you apps, which provide users, who have all kinds of disabilities, with accessibility features. These apps may cooperate with some Windows 8.1 accessibility features like the Narrator, the Magnifier or the High Contrast. You can find info about the accessibility of an app in the Details section of its page.
  3.  Recommend apps for me: You can choose, whether if you want to view the Picks for you section on the main screen of the Windows Store by turning on or off this switch. In that section you can find apps, based on the applications that you have already installed.
  • Once you finished adjusting the Preferences, press the Back button, found on the upper left corner of the screen. Now the settings will be saved.

Although the Preferences window is not so popular to Windows users, it surely is a very handy feature in the Windows Store. Therefore, it is recommended to use it, so that you can easily find and install apps that interest you.